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Canon 7D Replacement Possibly Spotted at the World Cup



The desire for more info and leaks about Canon’s upcoming EOS 7D Mark II (possibly not called that) is strong, and the image above is a good case in point. Spotted by a Northlight Images reader, the camera circled in red is always seen at the same spot on the pitch and is always covered up, despite the fact that every other camera is uncovered.

Now people have pointed out that this could simply be a paranoid photographer who just always happens to have a rain cover on his DSLR, but the Canon camera under that tarp may just as easily be the next Canon APS-C flagship, so keep an eye out the next time you’re watching a World Cup game and shoot us a higher res pic if you get one!

On that note, if the photographer behind that camera reads PetaPixel and sees this post, drop us a line through our tip form or by emailing us at [email protected] We’d love for you to confirm or deny this rumor for us if at all possible.

(via Northlight Images via Canon Rumors)