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Should You Take that Lower-Paying Job for ‘Photo Credits’ from a Big Publication?


One question — or should we say debate — that often arises among photographers is whether or not you should take a lower-paying job if it means getting an assignment from a reputable publication or brand. The hope, of course, is that the impressive photo credits will entice other clients to hire you for a fair rate, making up for the initially low pay.

While there is no “right” answer to this question, the team over at PhotoShelter asked John Harrington, author of a number of top-selling photography books, to weigh in on the debate over Skype.

The video comes in at two and a half minutes, but if you’re looking for a little summary, this quote boils it down to its basic message:

Anytime a photographer talks to me and says, ‘I don’t have a choice because I gotta pay my rent or mortgage or my car needs to get fixed.’ I would never begrudge a photographer taking a low-end, undervalued, underpaid rate… The key is to not find yourself in that situation on a regular basis because it will ultimately hit a downward spiral that is just not going to serve you well.

Watch it for yourself at the top, and then let us know what you think of Harrington’s advice in the comments down below? What’s your policy when it comes to low-paying jobs for big names?

(via Photoshleter)