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5 Business Mistakes Photographers Make and What You Can Do About Them


Why do some professional photographers fail to make it in business?

If you can’t cut it technically or artistically as a photographer, then clearly your photography business will have a very limited lifespan. But there are other ways in which you can take your eyes off the ball when turning pro. Here are some classic examples of failure that are easy to avoid when you know how… Read more…

Stumbling Forward: On Embracing Your Mistakes as You Stumble Towards Success


Most people see me as a “professional”… as someone who is smart, who has their act together or as someone who knows what they’re doing all the time.

This makes me laugh. Read more…

7 Mistakes Every Photographer Makes


We’ve all been there, when you make that one mistake. The mistake your obnoxious friend warned you about a hundred times. The mistake they’ll never let you live down. Or worse the mistake you bragged to everybody about, saying, “Oh, I’ll never do that. I know better.” But now here you are, in a big puddle of embarrassment.

Like any trade, photography has a few of these classic mistakes that are almost guaranteed to happen to you at some point.
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Common Photography Mistakes Made by Beginners Back in 1902

Why My Photographs Are Bad is a photography book for beginners first published in 1902 by a man named Charles Maus Taylor. The book contains many of the same basic tips that can be found in introductory books these days, but also many that are very specific to the way photography was done at the time. Here’s a selection of common mistakes that newbie photographers were making over 100 years ago.
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Common Photographic Mistakes by Beginners, Amateurs and Pros – and How to Avoid Them

Beginners: Ever wonder why your photos don’t look ‘professional?’ Amateurs: ever wonder why you lack consistency? Pros: Ever wonder why you lose your edge or drive? Wonder no longer. This article deals with some of the most common oversights by photographers of all kinds, and how to avoid them.
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Photography Jobs Grow on Trees

Every year I meet with lots of students, assistants, young photographers, and photography educators and discuss the business of photography. Over the years I have complied a list of the biggest mistakes that most young photographers make when trying to become full-time money-making commercial photographers. I want to share those with you in the hope that people stop making the same mistakes.
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Translucent Is Not the Same as Pellicle

Mike Johnston of TOP explains why Sony shouldn’t call its pellicle mirror “translucent”:

[…] “translucent” is just entirely—egregiously, blatantly—the wrong word. Translucent materials pass some of the light that falls on them and diffuse the rest. Muslin curtains, tracing paper, or frosted glass windowpanes in a bathroom are all translucent. An indistinct, fuzzy, or veiled image that’s hard to see is actually part of the definition of “translucent.” A pellicle mirror is a beam-splitter. That is, it passes some of the light transparently and reflects the remaining amount. There’s no translucency involved anywhere. Wrong word—and a bad connotation. Marketing fail? Heck, English language fail.

Wikipedia also notes that a “camera with a translucent mirror would produce an indistinct blob of light at the image plane.” A better word for people who might not know what “pellicle” means might be “semi-transparent”.

Sony’s Big Risks with the A77 [The Online Photographer]