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10 Common Lightroom Mistakes and How to Fix or Avoid Them



There are a plethora of common Lightroom mistakes made by beginners and advanced users both. In this video series, Croatia-based photographer ibreakphotos tackles the most common and egregious… mistakes you probably see every day scrolling through Flickr or 500px.

The videos, which ibreakphotos put together into a YouTube playlist, examine 10 common Lightroom mistakes: vignette overuse, clarity abuse, selective color, the ‘faded’ look, bad HDR, graduated filter issues, light spots, highlight recovery for night shots, fake lens blur, and oversaturation & dehazing.

Even if you haven’t fallen prey to all of these mistakes, chances are good at least one can describe your early work. Check out each of the videos below to find out how to fix, improve on, or just plain avoid each of these 10 mistakes:

Vignette Overuse

Clarity Slider Abuse

Selective Color

How NOT to do the “Faded” Look


Graduated Filter Dos and Donts

Creating Light Spots

Highlight Recovery for Night Shots

Fake Lens Blur

Oversaturation and Dehazing

Of course, most of these ‘mistakes’ are only mistakes when they’re overdone or done wrong. Your artistic choice are, in the end, just that: artistic choices. Even commonly-despised effects like Selective Color can be done well… it’s just extremely rare.

What do you think of the advice above? Let us know in the comments. And if you have an 11th, 12th, or 13th Lightroom mistake that you think ibreakphotos missed in this 10-part series, share that as well.