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A Colorful 35mm Film Canister Collection

We suggested a couple weeks ago that you start collecting things via photos if your idea tank is running dry and you’re in need of a project. A neat photography-related item you can try collecting is 35mm film canisters — it’s kind of like collecting wine corks, though getting the film processed usually results in having the canisters tossed. The photo above shows Flickr user Wee Sen Goh‘s colorful collection.

Image credit: flickr by weesen

Turn Your Photos into Tiny Postcards

Here’s something cute and creative way to share your photographs: turn them into tiny, confetti-sized postcards. All you need to do is add your photo to the pre-made template and print it out. It’s designed by The World’s Smallest Post Service, and you can find a step-by-step tutorial over on Photojojo.

How to Turn Your Room into a Giant Camera Obscura

National Geographic created this nifty little video teaching how to turn any room with a view into a giant camera obscura. For an even more challenging project, you can try setting up some photo-sensitive paper (either photo paper or paper you paint with emulsion yourself) on the wall to shoot giant photos with your giant camera obscura.

(via Foto Actualidad)

Shooting Instant Photos as Windows into the Real World

If you have an instant camera, have you ever tried taking digital photos of the prints right after you made them? For his series titled “Instax Windows“, Shawn McClung carries around a digital camera and snaps a digital photo of his Fuji Instax prints right after they’re taken, with the scene in the print lined up with the real world.
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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Photo Booth!

Twaggies are fun little comics based on unique Tweets found on Twitter. The above is Twaggie #217, based on this Tweet by @mollymcnearney:

I bet every porta potty dreams of someday being a photo booth.

You can even have this design printed on a t-shirt through their online shop.

(via Laughing Squid)

Freshen Up Your Car with These Cameras

Forget Little Trees. “Sweet Snapshots” are the air fresheners photo enthusiasts should have hanging from their rear view mirrors. ModCloth sells them for $6 a pop in yellow grapefruit or pink peach. The reviews say the scents don’t last very long, so just know that you’d be buying them mostly for aesthetics.

Sweet Snapshots Air Fresheners (via KEH Camera Blog)

Famous Photos Recreated with Star Wars Clone Troopers

David Eger has a fun 365 day photo project called “365 Days of Clones” in which he posts a daily photo involving Star Wars clone trooper action figures. He also has a neat mini-series in which he recreates famous photographs, called “Cloned Photos“. See if you recognize any of these.
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How to Shoot Fun Matrix-style Freeze Motion Videos with Friends

If you want to make a “bullet time” video like the kind made famous by The Matrix, you don’t need a gigantic budget or 52 DSLRs lined up in a row. Just get a large group of friends, stand in a circle around your subjects, and snap pictures at the same time! recently held an event called “See You Around Hong Kong” where large groups of photography enthusiasts gathered to do just that.

Thanks for the tip, Kenneth!

Create an Artsy Lamp Using Unwanted 35mm Negatives

Claire Chauvin over at Poopscape has a fun project for those of you who have useless 35mm negatives that are lying around and waiting to be tossed. All you need is a cheap and simple lamp (Chauvin used a $7 Ikea Grönö lamp) and some glue (e.g. Mod Podge). Carefully glue the strips onto the lamp and you’ll have yourself a unique, personalized lamp that’ll liven up any room in your house!

Grönö Lamp Hack (via Lifehacker)

Photography Gear Brand Name Riddles

If you need a break and an opportunity to flex your brain muscles, see if you can figure out these photo riddles. The answer to each clue is a particular camera equipment brand.

  1. Adam + Bilbo Baggins’ nephew
  2. Not yours, but ____ + heavy work animal
  3. What Samuel did in the choir
  4. Stitching your patella
  5. Standing close to a prisoner
  6. The opposite of can’t off
  7. The ends of the earth + hemorrhoids
  8. Cooking utensil of everyones favorite hedgehog
  9. Sticking these in your eyes will help you see
  10. Dracula’s enemy runs with wolves

Leave your answers in the comments! You can find more of these riddles over on KEH Blog.