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Many Photos Combined into Neat Scattered Image Panoramas


Roberts Birze, known as thescatteredimage on Flickr, has a neat set called “scattered images” in which he creates surreal panoramas by combining a large number of digital photographs taken of a particular scene:

Regarding how to make these images, Birze tells us,

The execution and construction of these “scattered images” is very simple (although time consuming) and no real secret. It’s the planning and ability to visualise the scene that’s difficult. Firstly, take many photos of the scene you have in mind. Make sure the separate shots all overlap … then take a few more just in case. Some of my images may have as little as 9 images – others almost 300. Then, using photo editing software that allows the use of layers, create a large new canvas and then copy and paste each image onto a new layer. Then it’s up to you to make each image fit (or not) as you like. Layer effects like drop shadows can be applied to give more separation between images.

Creating a scattered image panorama might be great as a present for someone if you were to have it printed out and framed.

Image credits: Images by Roberts Birze and used with permission