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Awesome Camera Flash Experiment at a Robbie Williams Concert


British musician Robbie Williams was recently featured in Nikon’s “I AM NIKON” advertising campaign, with a commercial showing a fun experiment he did at a concert in 2003. He asked his audience to pull out their cameras and, on his cue, fire off the flash. The resulting scene was pretty awesome to behold. The full clip of the experiment is above.

Here’s the commercial Nikon turned the clip into:

Anyone notice how the camera changes from silver in the original clip to black in the commercial? Hmmm…

Here’s a short clip where he does the same thing at a Melbourne concert:

A similar kind of thing can be seen during big events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics, but it’s usually not as coordinated as what we see in these clips. If only someone at the Super Bowl would coordinate a simultaneous flash in the stadium…