Sony’s A7s Takes on Canon’s 5D Mark III in Side-by-Side Low-Light Test

So far, all of the Sony A7s high-ISO tests we’ve seen — from your standard static test to some beautiful production-level footage — have only shown the A7s. There have been no side-by-side comparisons to show if this really is outperforming the competition substantially, or if it only seems like it is.

Well, today that changes thanks to a short, Canon 5D Mark III vs. Sony A7s side-by-side comparison created by Den Lennie.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.08.15 AM

Lennie ran the test while he was at NAB in Las Vegas, setting up both cameras on the balcony of his hotel, overlooking the Bellagio fountains. To make it as fair of a comparison as possible, both cameras were set to 1/50th of a second at f/8, on standard profile, using the same lens and the highest recording bit rates available.

You can probably already guess at the outcome of this test… let’s just say a clear winner emerges as the ISO continues to climb. Check it out for yourself at the top, and then let us know what you think down below.

(via planet5D)

  • Craig McMurtrie

    The best images I’ve ever seen or taken were at ISO400 or less. The modern DSLR/mirrorless features are mind blowing. But this is just a test of extremes. That’s it, a test. Try shooting at ISO50 on black and white film, and if you nail it, you would only shoot at these astronomical ISO’s if you really had to.

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  • Heni

    Pretty clear that Canon is falling behind his competeters, Sony and Nikon

  • Korios

    Upcoming graphene sensors will apparently boast 1+ million ISO with the noise of a few thousand current ISOs. Well, when someone makes them aynway.

  • Oj0

    I’m surprised how lifeless the Canon looks at ISO6400 and above compared to the Sony. The colours look very desaturated, how times have changed.

  • Oj0

    They tested the cameras one after the other, the fountain was not running when the Sony was tested. A time lapse won’t remove the fountain. In fact, video is exactly what you’re describing – a time lapse of stills played back at the original speed. Video doesn’t store movement, it is simply stills played back at a high framerate to give the illusion of motion.

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  • Georges Pauly

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  • Georges Pauly

    It’s blown out because the only variated on ISO, leaving the f/8 and 1/50″ constant. Of course it must blow out, this way you see what light amplification you can accept. I am very impressed by what “blownout” i see there. It’s double of my D4, and yes I am using the 200k Iso,, more and more

  • CrustyJuggler66

    Erm so what did Sony have over two years ago when the 5d3 was actually released? Welcome to the party.

  • Jose Hexagon

    Yes… but that’s been done already in other tests.

  • George Marinescu

    i think the mark II is out of focus to ake feel inferior to a7s

  • Gav

    The A99. Which is already getting an update at Photokina. Meanwhile the next 5D is not due till end of 2015….Like any giant it will take time for Canon to turn this ship around…

  • Bobd

    Hey dumbass – don’t you think there are any conditions on planet Earth worthy of photography that are less bright than the Vegas strip? You make a retarded person look like a rocket scientist!

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  • Dadan Ardi Nugraha

    uhm i thik it’s because canon do sensor line skip while recording in opposite of A7s that do full sensor read out. Line skip always make the footage a little but blurry

  • Andrew Freeman

    No, nobody will shoot at that ISO, but what it DOES mean is that the lower ISO ranges that DO get used, say 6400 -12800, will be VASTLY superior in terms of IQ than ANYTHING else.

  • Andrew Freeman

    Not pointless at all. No, nobody will shoot at that ISO, but what it DOES mean is that the
    lower ISO ranges that DO get used, say 6400 -12800, will be VASTLY
    superior in terms of IQ than ANYTHING else.

  • Heni

    Why are u talking about Canon’s if they are the king in High ISO. Everybody knows that Nikon is ISO king ;-)

  • mlianopr

    Naah..!! i like my 6D…

  • mac

    No one shoots Nixon in video jus saying

  • mac

    Well actually u just gave an opinion Sony has its own look as canon has its own look so does red and arri. You can’t say it’s a better color tone when it’s different

  • mac

    Hey dumb ass noone even know what you are talking about. So please troll somewhere else

  • FrankinSac

    Sony has always said nice things about YOU.

  • allgoo19

    Kiltedbear says:
    “Who shoots at ISO 409,600?”
    *Private investigator


  • David Saintloth

    ^^^^^exactly this.

  • Juan Carlos Carrasco

    Do it again with Mark III camera in focus, please. Je jeje