Lowepro Gives One of Its X-Series Bags a Thorough Beating… Er… Testing

When it comes to testing, Lowepro gear doesn’t have it easy. Earlier this year, Lowepro announced a new lineup of camera bags aimed at the traveling professional, and yesterday, they released a hard-to-watch video in which these bags are put to the test.

Called the X-series, these roller bags are meant to withstand almost anything a brutal baggage handler or terrible trek can toss their way.

To prove this, Lowepro strapped a bottle of bubbly into the center compartment of one of these X-series tanks and promptly did everything they could short of running over it with a vehicle to show how safe your gear is inside.


Dragged, tossed, kicked and thrown off the back of a truck, down some stairs, and off an admittedly small bridge, the bag took its beating without cracking the champagne bottle inside.

And while, we grant you, a bottle of bubbly is not a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment, the brutality the bag went through while still keeping the champagne and its accompanying flutes unbroken is impressive nonetheless. Press play to see for yourself, but be warned, this video is unsuitable for those of you who baby your camera bags.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Randy Wentzel

    Seems like a weak demonstration considering it was a bottle of Korbel secured right in the middle of the bag where it was least likely to get squished. I dare LowePro to do this with a bag full of camera gear. Triple dog dare them.

  • Eden Wong

    Nothing but slow motion and judicious editing. Nothing was actually tested. Lame, embarrassing social media at its finest.

  • jsemolik

    @edenwong:disqus Hey Eden, wondering if you could share your video that you created.

  • Trevor Dennis

    Will they now sell this bag with a discount? ;-) I wish they had an option with bigger wheels for off road use. I have a big LP bag with skate wheels that is useless on anything but hard flat surface.

  • Lodimup

    This proved nothing. The bag should be full of bottles like gear bags. Used lowepro for years till I tried think tank. Never going back.

  • Eden Wong

    Which one?

  • Pickle

    Really Lowepro? You have sunk to a new lowe if you think any photographer with camera gear other than a new Rebel is going to fall for this. You’re putting a single bottle of cheap sparkling wine with a tough glass exactly in the middle of the the bag and have hipsters running around pretending to do what photographers do with their gear? I’ve used your bags and they are not good. I bought one of your slingshots a while back and it made me feel like I was getting strangled as soon as I put a f/2.8 lens on my camera.

    Just admit it, your target market is the idiot who goes to Best Buy for their first camera and the guy in the blue shirt and pimples tells them “You should get a Lowepro bag…all pros use them!”. Any self respecting photographer who has expensive gear uses ThinkTank’s overpriced (but worth it) bags.

  • Pickle

    Straw Man’s argument. The topic isn’t whether Eden Wong can make a video. The topic is that this video is a weak attempt at going viral and demonstrating how great Lowepro bags are when they really aren’t.

  • Damien

    That’s nothing — if you want to do destructive stress-testing on luggage, fly Delta Airlines.

  • devtank

    That is such a completely ridiculous ‘test’. A bottle is an innate object, a camera and lens is a complex item with many parts. There is absolutely no way in hell that a camera and longer than 85mm lens would survive an impact such as half of whats shown here. Yes the camera might power on, and the lens will focus, but the physical stresses caused by such velocity and will have an effect on the alignment of the lens and body, so yes the electronics might function by the basic physics will be effected so much so rendering the combination unusable and fit only for repair.
    The only thing that protects gear in extremes is a hard case.

  • Dao Bacon

    waisting the dom perignon on it was useless…

  • Edward De la Torre

    Fun watch. Much photographer with sticks up butts there is.

  • BDWT

    I think the idea was okay but if they REALLY had faith in their bag, they should have done a viral video where they approached random photographers on the streets, put THEIR cameras in the bag and threw it down a flight of stairs in front of them, then opened the bag to see what’s up!

    A camera bag usually weighs a TON, put a couple big zooms in there, some fragile accessories and suddenly kicking it off a moving vehicle would have a much bigger risk.

  • Chang He

    If they did this with a carton of eggs, I’d be impressed.

  • mahirh

    ooh. Ad hominem is nice strategy.

  • Kurt Langer

    Double the size of the wheels, then you can forget about the never used backpack option (that wastes valuable storage and to much extra weight. Make the bag look trendier in exterior design and colour. The flap that pulls out to let the bag stand at a 45 degree angle is brilliant. But keep improving that system for stability and ease of operation (maybe the new bags have) and you nearly have the perfect roller camera case.

  • Steve Stoddart

    I agree this video has little or no credibility in terms of protecting sophisticated camera gear… As for Lowepro’s gear, I use a couple of their bits of kit and have been more than happy with them…

    So far, at least, I have yet to leap off bridges with a bottle of Bolly in the Lowepro harness though….

  • Fin

    Ever seen a bottle of champers refuse to break when hit hard against the side of a steel ship (at launch)? This does not impress.

  • Middle Class Observer

    Obnoxious fake “music”… by worthless fake “artists”… recruited for a fake “test”… by a maker(?)/marketer of mostly fake “for pros” gear… disingenuously, self-servingly hyped by Mr. Burgett’s fake “journalism”. 5 strikes and you’re out… really out.

  • Andrew Chester Ong

    one of the biggest issue i find against this demo is the bag is not weighted down with camera gears, a single champaigne bottle is not an accurate depiction of the products reliability. i am critical of lowe pro as i have recently bought the x300 series rolling case and its wheels died on me after only a month of normal use and it certainly is noting like the way it was treated in this video// lowe pro decided to put more priority on creating a visually appealing bag with the wheels looking like aperture blades but in reality these wheels are hopelessly weak

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  • Frank Martinez

    I say they succeeded in getting all your panties in a twist. lol.

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