Hilarious BTS Ad for the WALLEY POS-86 Mocks Typical Prosumer Camera Marketing

We hope you’re ready for a gorgeous BTS look at one of the most beautiful cameras to ever hit the market, because this short video takes you behind the scenes with the revolutionaryWALLEY POS–86” camera. Featuring a 483mm long design, a 183mm lens, and coming in at only 25lbs, this thing is an absolute beauty from the ground up.

Alright, alright. So, maybe it’s not a real camera. Maybe this is just a parody by husband and wife filmmaking team Mark and Angela Walley of Walley Films that pokes fun at “the endless production and marketing of prosumer video cameras” that we’ve come accustomed to.






Better produced than some real overviews of actual cameras, the video hits every buzzword as they convince you that this camera is the pinnacle of video capture capability. We really can’t do the video justice in words though, so press play to start your weekend off with a few laughs, and then head over to their Flickr to see more images.

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of Walley Films

  • Jeremy Madore

    Wonderful way to begin my weekend. Thanks guys!

  • kirsten863

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  • Mike

    I’ll wait for the Hasselblad version.


    Five lenses from the get go already better than my A7r

  • Pantechnicon

    If only the Leica T campaign was up to this standard.

  • Adam Cross

    “POS” , love it :’)

  • Fahad Ayyad

    I love the Soft Skin Filter!

  • Richard Ford

    Umm.. yeah. Side splitting. Time to throw out all those Monty Python DVD’s and replace them with Adam Sandler ones and the blu ray of this sketch. :-S

  • John the man

    Shut up and take my money!