MagMod: A Solid and Simple Flash Modifier System That Uses Magnets, Not Velcro


A professional photographer since 2005, Spencer Boerup quickly learned that modularity and ease of use aren’t very easily found in the world of flash modifiers. Sick of using “bulky, awkward, and cheap” modifiers that use velcro, straps, brackets and bands, Boerup decided to develop a new system that uses the power of magnetism. It’s called MagMod, and has already generated quite a bit of buzz in the industry.


Boerup calls MagMod the “simplest, easiest, strongest, fastest, and sexiest speedlite modifiers for Canon and Nikon hot-shoe flashes, period.”

It’s a system that consists of two components: a band and a modifier. The band is an elastic, one-size-fits-all accessory that stretches around virtually every hot-shoe flash unit every created. The modifiers are single pieces of silicone rubber that attach to the front of the band.

Two “freakishly strong” Neodyium rare-earth magnets are used to securely fix the modifier to the band. Simply slap it on, and you’re good to go. No more fiddling with straps or different proprietary attachment systems.

One of the initial modifiers is the MagGrid, a honeycomb grid that focuses your light into a precision beam pattern. Stack multiple MagGrids together for an even more focused beam of light.



The second type of modifier is a stackable gel system — each kit comes with six different colored gels. These rigid plastic gels are “practically indestructible” and quickly slide into the MagGel silicon slot. Stack multiple gel sheets in each MagGel, and stack different MagGel and MagGrid units for completely customized lighting looks.




Here’s a video introducing the MagMod system:

Boerup is currently raising funds to launch MagMod over on Kickstarter. The project doesn’t need your support to become a reality though, as it has already overshot its initial fundraising goal of $30,000 by more than double. Basic kits can be preorder for $79 and up.

MagMod – Magnetic Speedlite Modifiers for Hot-Shoe Flashes [Kickstarter]

  • MattSteeleLA


  • Alan Klughammer

    would the magnets affect any of the electronic circuitry?

  • Rico

    He addresses that in the videos on the kickstarter page.

  • Rabi Abonour

    Definitely one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” inventions. This looks significantly better than any system on the market.

  • magnetmod

    thanks, we agree!

  • MattSteeleLA

    It’s also refreshing to see a truly useful photography kickstarter, and not a kickstarter for something that exposes roll film to an iphone screen to create photos that are then processed in the device, re-scanned and uploaded to Instagram.

  • Alan Klughammer

    Honestly I am not really convinced. Moving magnets cause an electrical circuit in conductors. Cameras and iphones may be shielded, but what about long term use. I am also more worried about circuitry in the flash itself, as these are closer to the magnets.
    Using these on cheap flashes is probably not a good idea…

  • Jonathan Maniago

    As a computer engineering graduate, I think you worry too much. You’re better off losing sleep over other issues such as shock resistance, humidity, or overheating.

  • Travis Williams

    thanks for your support Matt. Hope you become a backer if you aren’t already. Appreciate ya.

  • Travis Williams

    thanks Rabi – we’re glad we thought of it and many others will be too. We also agree that mag mod is indeed “significantly” better than any other system like it on the planet…. well said. Appreciate ya. Hope you become a backer and join the revolution. Our Speed-lights will never be the same again.

  • Travis Williams

    couldn’t have said it better myself Jonathan. I suspose that in the end … only time will tell how it effects the flash itself. We’ll have to get back to Alan in a couple of years time on the issue.

  • dustin

    pretty sure I can make addons at my job too, gonna have to grab the basic kit and see what I can do, hell yeah!

  • McWetty

    I’m in for 2 (can you make the $150k stretch goal a free 580EXII?) and I can’t wait. What’s the stretch goal for $120k?

  • Michael G. Manoukian

    Have they looked into the effect a rare earth magnet has on cameras and their sensors or memory cards, or even backup drives?

  • Lee

    I would like the gel mounts but don’t really need the grids as I have them but this looks great for gels. Have never used gels the way I should as they are so flimsy and challenging to pout on and keep there. Any plans for just the gel mounts?

  • Travis Williams

    do it dustin….. jump on in. You won’t regret it …. trust me !

  • Travis Williams

    McWetty – thanks for being a backer … and for being “in for 2″ … awesome ! I’m not sure what the $150k stretch goal will be yet. We’re just over here spinning a bit in awe of how well the kickstarter program has performed so far. Now that the 90K stretch goal has been met.. we’re dreaming up what’s next. If you are a backer, you’ll be kept most up to date with what’s in the works WHEN it’s in the works. Appreciate ya ! Spread the word, help us get to each next stretch goal !

  • Travis Williams

    Hey Lee… thanks for commenting and asking a great question. The good news is that since the MagMod system is so modular and piece by piece.. you can put together an “a la carte” custom system. Get yourself a “MagGrip” for each speedlight you need to gel and then get a “MagGel” for each of those “MagGrips”.. just get exactly what you need. If you are into off camera lighting in your photography work I suspect with a bit of experimentation, you’ll find you’d really get a kick out of the control of light that the “MagGrid” will give ya. But don’t take my word for it… check it out. Love to have you as a backer.

  • Travis Williams

    Hey Lee…. I got a solution for you actually. If you are to become a backer at the $1 award level for a total money value of $55 (so it essentially becomes a $55 credit) then at the end of the campaign you can select in the survey what you want to do with the order. (ie. request the grid+gel kit, so you’d get just the grip+gel kit as you desire) – let me know if that works.

  • Sage Wisdom

    Travis, I am very interested in a magnet system for neutral density filters–on a lens. I can be a backer for that :)

  • magnetmod

    Hi Sage, just stay tuned for round 2 and 3, we have quite a few things up our sleeve!

  • Ross E. Watts

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  • Eugene Chok

    funny i use gels all the time but I’m interested in the grids ! double stacking the grids to for the angle is such a great idea !

  • MJB

    Isn’t this a copy of the Lastolite Strobo System?

  • magnetmod

    We thought so too! Glad you liked them!

  • magnetmod

    It might appear to be similar, but we actually fully developed MagMod before ever even hearing about the Lastolite. If you’re ever played with them, you’ll see very quickly which one is much better :)

  • Justaphotographer2005

    Aren’t these magnets powerful enough to toast a hard drive on a laptop inside your gear bag?