MagMod Brings its Magnetic Modifiers to Large Studio Lights

MagMod, makers of a diverse assortment of magnetic light modifiers for speedlights and strobes, has expanded its product range with the MagMod XL series designed for studio lights.

As seen on Camera Jabber, the MagMod XL series includes magnetic reflectors, dome gels, and grids for large and powerful studio lights.

The MagMod Reflector XL highlights the new products, and MagMod claims it is the world’s first collapsible reflector. The MagMod Reflector XL sports MagMod’s patented magnetic modular light modification design and promises to make it easier for photographers to control, diffuse, and dial in the ideal light and color.

On the collapsible MagMod Reflector XL’s interior is metallic flake coating to efficiently distribute light and eliminate hotspots. On the end of the silicone accessory, users magnetically attach modifiers, such as gels. Further, the Reflector XL is universal and fits nearly any light brand. The MagMod Reflector XL ships with a Bowens mount, but the base section is removable and can be swapped for other flash mounts, like Profoto.

MagMod XL

MagMod has launched a larger version of its popular MagSphere modifier, a soft and flexible flash diffuser. The MagSphere XL is scaled up to fit the MagMod Reflector XL. The MagGrid 2 has likewise seen a similar increase in size to work with MagMod XL. The MagGrid XL includes two beam angles to control flash spill and put light precisely where the photographer wants it.

The different magnetic attachments are stackable, so photographers can combine multiple MagGrid XLs for other beam options and add the MagSphere XL on top.

MagMod XL

MagMod also has new Dome Gels for the MagMod XL. The shatterproof gels are built to withstand the heat produced by powerful studio lights and come in six color correction variants and a dozen other creative color choices. Like other modifiers, these can also be stacked, opening up even more color options.

The MagMod XL range is available in numerous kits. The Starter Strobe Kit XL includes the Reflector XL, MagSphere XL, and MagGrid XL for $184.95. The Professional Strobe Kit XL adds a carrying case, a second MagGrid XL, and three color correction dome gels and costs $289.95. For photographers with two-light setups, the Two Strobe XL Bundle for $489 includes four MagGrid XL accessories, a second Reflector XL, and nine Dome Gels.

MagMod XL

Each component is available separately. Comprehensive specifications are available on MagMod’s website.

Image credits: MagMod