Fuji Officially Unveils the X-M1, an Entry Level X-Series ILC for the Masses


Fujifilm’s newest creation, the X-M1, was outed last week when photos of the entry-level X-Series interchangeable lens camera (ILC) leaked onto the web. But while the photos did reveal that the camera would pack a serious punch in a tiny package (in large part due to the lack of a built-in viewfinder), many of the camera’s specs and features were still unknown.

Well, the day has arrived for Fuji to make the camera official, and along with some high-res press images, we’re also getting a full breakdown of specs, pricing and an expected release date.



Because the X-M1 will indeed lack a viewfinder, the pint-sized APS-C shooter weighs in at only 11.6oz (without a lens) including the battery and memory card — the X-E1 tips the scales at 12.3oz. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t capable.

On the inside, you’ll find the same 16.3 Megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor used in the X-Pro1 and X-E1 running through a speedy EXR Processor II (it boasts a 0.5 second start up time and 0.05 second shutter lag). And since there’s no EVF, you’ll be relying on a 3-inch 920,000 dot tilting LCD to line up your shots.

Other notable features include a pop-up flash, built-in Easy Transfer WiFi capability, ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 25,600, and the ability to shoot up to 30 frames at 5.6fps in burst mode.



The camera will be able to handle all existing XF and XC lineup lenses, but in order to properly christen the announcement, Fuji has designed an all-new FUJINON XC 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS zoom lens which will only be available as part of the X-M1 kits.

Silver and black versions of the camera are set to ship in July (the brown version ships one month later), setting you back $700 for the body, or $800 in a kit with the above-mentioned lens.

  • hessu

    Fuji is really sticking it to Canon business-wise. Where we see Canon only downgrading the sensor in the entry level market, it seems Fuji keeps delivering the IQ compromising only the cameras features. The only problem is they might cannibalize the sales of their own products.

  • dannybuoy

    Ding ding. Next stop full frame. I’m not getting on the bus until there’s a Fuji FF system

  • james

    So where does this sit in the Fuji line up? I cant see a place for it. Is it not just an X-E1? But slightly smaller? Or is it an X20 with interchangeable lenses and no viewfinder?

  • Sporkguy

    Firmware 3.0 coming for X-Pro1 bringing Focus Peaking – winner!

  • leroy

    its a buy now!!!!

  • Xrevolution

    Is it really that hard to figure this out? Price and size put it below the XE1. Pretty clear from the article.

  • james

    I understand the facts but yes, it is hard. Why would I buy an X-E1 now? I dont think you understand my point.

  • Horst Wrabetz

    because of the viewfinder

  • laura newbold

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  • thingwarbler

    Too bad they went for a pop-up flash (that no-one in their right mind would use) instead of a pop-up viewfinder (which many will no doubt point to as the final dealbreaker for a product like this… ;-)

  • Opie

    I don’t think you understand Fuji’s point.

  • Steven Wade

    I wouldn’t doubt you could buy an optical one to put in the hotshoe.

  • thingwarbler

    Yes, I think you’re quite right — my point was simply that I think they did the new toy a disfavor by opting for the sad little flash over something much more useful to most of their potential audience — but maybe they have a better sense of what that audience is after.

  • Steven Wade

    But I think they know that people will fork out money for these things, and if you want the more “photographer” geared one, then the X-E1 is right there. I get what Fuji is doing.

  • Imazagi

    I hope their WiFi system works better than on their cheap offerings. I don’t miss WiFi on my X100, but my girlfriend likes to PP the shots from her underwater XP170 in Snapseed and Instagram and it’s hit and miss on the iPad and just doesn’t work on her Android phone.

  • Jun

    I can tell they made this for normal users. X series are not that easy for P&S camera users. This is one step closer to them to consider Fujifilm I guess

  • heyeinstein

    Did you understand this fact? “And since there’s no EVF, you’ll be relying on a 3-inch 920,000 dot tilting LCD to line up your shots.” You needn’t worry about buying this, X-E1, or any other camera because the one in your phone is probably more camera than you can handle.

  • junyo

    XPro as the main, XM as the backup/pocket cam, FTW

  • MJ Coffey

    The brown one looks just sexy as hell.

  • Guest

    This really sticks up to Olympus and their absurd pricing for the E-P5. I love Oly and I’m heavily invested into the m4/3 ecosystem, but things are getting really harder to justify. Fuji is CRUSHING it lately.

  • gochugogi

    If you stick to primes, you can use a bright line VF from Olympus, Voigtländer, Sigma, etc. I love using one on my E-P3.

  • nameless

    If you prefer this over the x-e1, then buy this camera. That’s Fuji’s point. Same with Pentax, why would people buy k-50 instead of k-500? If the cheaper version is adequate, they are more than happy to sell it for you. But there are also buyers who prefer slightly better specced camera, for a slightly higher price.

  • nameless

    I prefer pop-up flash. Popup VF is redundant, it already has the back LCD for framing.

  • GB

    What’s an ILC? If you are going to use TLA’s, you should mind your P’s & Q’s!

  • DLCade

    Sorry about that :) We’ve gone ahead and written out the acronym in the first sentence so there’s no confusion.

  • Florence Griffith

    my thoughts exactly

  • Florence Griffith

    Yes the Oly E-P5 price is absurd…but Fuji is doing what Olympus has done…like putting the same sensor in the OM-D and the E-PM2…and what Olympus has over Fuji is much quicker focus…If you shoot street , well for me that is a top priority…Fuji sensor gives high image quality…better than Oly …but for me if it takes forever to focus…I can’t use it…my 1st digital camera was a fuji and loved it…so I am not a Fuji hater nor am I an Oly fanboy…I just like what works best for me…would be nice to have the fuji sensor and the quickness of the Oly micro four thirds hooked up together…or the phase detection of the Nikon V!…then I would have the machine I really want

  • Plah Myk

    does this really work on the xm1? do you think the voigtländer 40mm viewfinder would work with the 27mm lens? that would be great.