US Soldier Documents His Deployment in Afghanistan Using His DSLR

Update: Jansen has requested that his photos be removed, as they are currently “being investigated for possible violations of sensitive information.”


US Army lieutenant Alexander Jansen has spent the past year serving in Afghanistan as a liaison officer, training the members of the Afghan National Army. During this time, he has been very involved in photography, using his DSLRs to capture what deployment is like through a soldier’s eyes.

We’ve mentioned Jansen a couple of times last year. The first time was when he shared some techniques for stabilizing your camera that he learned through marksmanship training. The second time was when he used the dust of Afghanistan to demonstrate how effective the weathersealing is on Pentax DSLRs.

Since February 2012, Jansen has also been publishing his photographs over at PentaxForums every few weeks. Here is a selection of photographs that Jansen has captured:


Here’s the list of gear in Jansen’s arsenal: Pentax K-5 IIs, Pentax K-5, Pentax K-30, Pentax K-7, DA* 16-50mm, DA* 50-135mm, DA* 60-250mm, DA 55-300mm, DFA 100mm Macro WR, Sigma 8-16mm, and Sigma 30mm.

You can find his entire collection of 283 published photographs photographs divided into 17 separate updates over on PentaxForums. There are higher-resolution images, as well as Jansen’s descriptions that describe what the photographs are showing.

Image credits: Photographs by Alexander Jansen and used with permission