HP Live Photo App Lets You View Photos as Augmented Reality Videos


Still photographs are easy to print and share, but how would you go about sharing a video with someone physically, without having to pass them some kind of tablet computer? HP has a solution: it’s called Live Photo, and is an app that uses augmented reality to view videos “embedded” in printed photographs.

Live Photo basically turns your iPhone into a “portal” into the photograph. Point it at a printed photo that was created with the Live Photo system, and it comes to live on your phone’s screen. After a very brief “loading” message, the image is magically transformed into a moving video.

The app is powered by HP’s augmented reality platform, Aurasma, and is designed to transform how photos and greeting cards are shared and enjoyed.

To create a Live Photo print, you’ll need to choose a video 45-seconds in length or shorter through the app. You’ll then be presented with a grid of stills extracted from the video.


Choose one, add an optional fun template around the image, and print it out through the app. Live Photo prints have a small blue origami icon that indicates that it has a video hidden “within”.

That print can then be enjoyed as the original video by anyone who has the HP Live Photo app installed on their phone.


To get started with making and enjoying your own live photos, head on over to the Apple App Store to download the free app. Reviews so far have been quite positive.

HP Live Photo [iTunes App Store via PopPhoto]

  • Jimmy Gunawan

    You can do the same using Aurasma app and its online authoring tool. In fact, that Aurasma addon is what HP uses for this app. You can make one yourself for free.

  • p.rock

    Wait… so instead of emailing a video to someone, you embed the video into a code, then print a physical photo with the code magically embedded, then physically send them the photo, then they use their connected device (which could have just received the video) to film the physical photo, thus revealing the magical code within?

  • herpderp

    wait… so instead of using your creativity to imagine the possibilities this can create, you instead write a stupid comment? clap clap. i can already think of at least 5 ideas that would make great use of this. sorry to hear your imagination is so limited

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    AR – augmented reality is gonna be the new thing. Kiddies have been fiddling with it in video games; it’s probably about time it came to the masses.

  • Chris_Hoskins

    When will it be available in the UK?

  • Kem Royale

    The people at HP get an A+ for marketing a ubiquitous aurasma app. . Infinite utilitarian possibilities. Example – Students return to school after summer break. Teacher asks her class, “what did you do during summer break?” Students “show and tell” with photos to illustrate a narrative.

  • Ken Elliott

    So it uses the printed photo like a QR code to find and play a video. Smart way to sell ink, HP.

  • Joshua Morin

    Ahhhh, you gotta love sarcasm!

  • Rick Bronks

    This is a re-version of what was known as a ‘Memory Spot’…

  • MR UK

    why is it US only and not available in the UK, very disapointing

  • Marc Morera Merino

    Este video es un fraude… por el amor de Dios, no sale ningún ejemplo práctico de verdad. Todos los ejemplos son montages…

  • Judy Bloxham

    Love to try it but its US only, been doing a lot of work with the Aurasma app for educaional use for 18 months and so this would be a great addition.