Sony Unveils the A57 SLT: Improved Shooting Speed and Autofocus

Sony has announced the Alpha A57 pellicle mirror camera, the successor to its A55 released a year and a half ago. While the sensor resolution is still 16-megapixels — no megapixel war here — the new camera has an increased ISO limit of 16,000 (up from 12,800), a faster continuous shooting rate of 12fps (up from 10), and an improved 15-point AF system with enhanced object-tracking and snappy AF during HD video recording. It can also capture full HD video at 60p, 60i, and 24p. It’ll be priced at $700 for the body only (or $800 with a 18-55mm kit lens) when it hits store shelves next month.

In an interview with Amateur Photographer, Sony states that it will be targeting the DSLR market with its SLT cameras, and that it’s unlikely the company will ever release another traditional DSLR camera.

  • Grant Bridgers

    Damnit Sony, why do YOU have to be the one doing this?  I love these cameras, but I need Canon to step it up to the same level so my L lenses can be used to the best potential.

  • Mila

    I don’t get it.. I just switched from compact cameras with electrical view finders to DSLRs a few years ago and learned to love the fast, optical view finders. Yet now everyone seems to go back to slow, low-res electrical view finders?

  • Stickoutyourfacephotography

    SONY 2012.  The Invisible Pixels.

  • Georgi doesn’t get EVFs

    Can someone explain to me why are they using electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one?

  • aaronstanley

    Perhaps it is simply to avoid viewfinder blackout while capturing a photograph? 

    Here is a list of advantages via Wikipedia’s article on EVF’s:
    Lack of parallax and ability to cope with high zoom-ratio lenses, without the need for a bulky reflex mirror Cameras with a separate optical viewfinder show the scene from a different viewpoint than that of the camera lens.Information about the scene, such as a histogram, can be overlaid with the scene.EVFs can show approximately how the scene will look like under the chosen exposure.EVFs can show a low-light scene brighter than it is when they are display-priority.Most EVFs show 100% coverage of the final image.EVFs provide a more accurate depiction of the contrast and tonal qualities that will appear in the final image.

  • Georgi still doesn’t get EVFs

    Wait… isn’t the mirror in Sony’s SLTs fixed? If it is, there’d be no blackouts. I do get how EVF would be beneficial for a beginner photographer, but shooting in “live view” all the time?

  • aaronstanley

    Yes, that’s correct. Good catch; there would be no blackout in the SLT’s. I was just trying to figure out, as you were, the advantages of switching to the EVF. Perhaps I would have to use it to understand.

  • E

    An optical viewfinder would be too dark.. only 1/3 of the light coming through the lens goes to the viewfinder and af.