Pentax K-01 Now Official with The World’s Thinnest Interchangeable Lens

Pentax officially announced its new K-01 mirrorless camera today after leaked photos emerged yesterday. The system features the world’s thinnest interchangeable lens: a 40mm lens that’s just 1cm thick. The body, on the other hand, isn’t exactly the sleekest camera we’ve seen. It’s designed by “acclaimed and influential” designer Marc Newson, who hadn’t designed a camera before this one (he spends much of his time designing airplanes). The camera features a 16.28MP sensor, an ISO range of 100-25600, 1080p video recording at 30/25/24fps, and an aluminum body available in yellow, black, and white. The system starts shipping next month, with the body priced at $750, the lens priced at $250, and the combo priced at $900.

Here’s a short interview with Marc Newson in which he talks about taking on this camera design project:

(vai BusinessWire via The Verge)

  • Anonymous

    I wake up every morning and think, “damn, I’d love having a camera that looks like Wall-E.” Now it’s happening.

  • Kyoshinikon

    I actually think it looks good…

  • Guest


  • Testastretta

    Marc Newson is one of my all time favorite designers, but this camera doesn’t look good. Anyway, the specs are awesome. Still, wouldn’t buy it over a Olympus EP-3 though…

  • Lol


  • Ginger

    I like it….specs are very interesting and the fact it can use all the lens I already have is very cool

  • Through Painted Eyes


  • Gobbler

    I kinda like it too.

  • Anthony Burokas

    Worlds thinnest… Ahem. Maybe they forgot the 40mm pancake that was used extensively by war photographers jumping into foxholes, or the fact that most of the lens is in the rather deep-looking housing of the camera. 

  • Trey

    seriously the most hideous design I have seen in a long time, more proof that sometimes celebrity designers are not the best people for the job. I suppose it’s unique looking but there’s a reason for that.

  • jullsky

    amazing, a compact that could carry on all my legacy lenses. I’m sold!!!

  • Vinariegel

     You realise that it’s actually as big as a DSLR, right?
    You want a ‘compact’ camera on which to use ANY lens, get a Sony NEX.

  • mythbuster

    I dreamed of a second body for my pentax 70 mm f 2.4 pancake, but this “thing” so big and without viewfinder is really terrible.

  • Matthew Wagg

    I love the idea that its using the pk mount, I like the specs on the camera, not really interested in ‘video modes’ but that design is horrible. No offence to the designer but he should have taken a look at the Fuji X100 or the classic Nikon F1 for inspiration. I’d have dropped money on it in a heartbeat if it looked like a proper camera instead of a lump of playdoh.

    And why oh why can camera manufacturers not put a cable release back into cameras. Seriously.

  • Eddie

    I believe It’s smaller than the war lens – definitely it is the smallest currently made –  smaller than the current 40 pancake. and most of the lens is not inside the camera that was a pre release rumour.. that being said I prefer the LTD one for looks but since the optical formula is the same apparently it will be a very good lens

  • Eddie

    with no af or aperture control on the modern lenses you may own

  • Eddie

    Fuji xpro is twice the price. these aren’t targeting the same market

    I imagine there will be an enthusiast APSC K mount Mirrorless down the line that isn’t just a hoya design tweaked for release almost a year after it was rumoured

  • Anonymous

    I think we can’t compare this K-01 to other cameras like Fuji X-Pro1 and Sony Nex. every model has it’s own market segment. and the actual problem with all the complains here and there about any new cameras is your own mind. I love every camera available in the market. every camera has their own unique characteristics. just free your mind. be out of the box. be creative! photography is art. it’s about creativity. it’s about to be unique. there’s no specific definition how a camera should look. no rules that a camera must has a viewfinder, must be black, must be look macho or retro, must has a swivel lcd. just get rid of that rigid mind for God sake!

  • mythbuster

    I partly agree and the design can be nice, but do you really think such a thick camera without a viewfinder and fixed screen is the state of the art in mirrorless market? I also like cameras but sometimes think camera makers are purposely making gear not as good as they could do because in this way they have an excuse to sell us the next model with old model defects fixed and some new faults… (and consequently generating a lot of hi-tech trash everywhere).

  • Troy

    I hadn’t realised that Marc Newson is chief designer for Fischer Price..