Olympus LCD Screen Patent Appears to Show Medium Format Digital Camera

Olympus recently filed a patent in Japan for a vari-angle LCD screen. While that’s not exactly groundbreaking, the illustrations in the patent appears to show some kind of medium format digital camera. What’s more, it looks nearly identical to the Samsung digital medium format prototypes that emerged earlier this year.

Here’s what the Samsung prototype cameras looked like:

Perhaps Olympus is trying to become the first company to release an affordable digital medium format camera.

(via egami via 43 Rumors)

  • CarstenW

    I don’t think this is a medium format camera. Look at the lens size compared to the others in that shot. I think it is a 35mm or APS-C sensor with Hasselblad-like form factor. Could be an interesting camera.

  • Osmosisstudios

    The samsung photo is an old one: rumors never panned out, but Samsung never really confirmed/denied they were/weren’t making a MF camera.  They just said that those were sample prototypes for imaging devices.

    As for Olympus: it could very well be MF.  Would be interesting as they have their m43 and, adding MF, skips over APS-C and 35mm altogether.  Might be fun.

  • Ranger 9

    The fact that the camera body shown in the drawings is square-ish doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a medium-format camera; it could be of any size. Patent drawings are made to show the patented feature clearly, not necessarily to illustrate the whole product in which it might be used.

    I like what’s shown in the patent, though. It seems to be a very clever mechanism for a  viewfinder that’s both hinged and pivoted — allowing you to position it on the camera back, extend it from the side at any angle, or fold it over the top for direct “waist-level” viewing or for eye-level viewing via an add-on prism.

    If the panel were just a conventional inexpensive LCD, it’s hard to see why this would be worth the bother; it might be cheaper just to stick separate LCDs on the back and top.

    But suppose it were going to be, for example, a super-large, super-high-resolution OLED…? The hinge mechanism would make a lot of sense to get more flexibility out of such an expensive component…

  • Captain Pasty

    A medium format digital would be pretty awesome…

  • Janez

    and pretty expensive