Sigma Creates Special Wood Version of the SD1, Will Only Make 10 of Them

Want a wooden DSLR? If you have extremely deep pockets, nows your chance: Sigma has announced a special wood edition of its high-end SD1 DSLR, which ordinarily sells for $9,700. dpreview writes,

The ‘Wood Edition’ emphasizes the camera’s premium appeal by adding a casing made from Amboyna Burl, an expensive and decorative veneer taken from complex growths on a Southeast Asian tree. The case takes around 60 hours to cut, mill and polish.

Only ten of these cameras will be made, with each one priced at €9,999 (~$13,800).

  • Graham Case

    Like they say in the Press Release, it’s not a camera made of wood, it’s just a fancy, expensive case for an expensive camera that almost no one will buy. The people who can afford these (or the companies that buy cameras) are more likely to stick with their Nikon or Canon choices.

    Also, I think it’s pretty ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen better looking coffins.  And for less. Seriously, that’s ghastly.

  • Mauricio Matos

    Ok…it’s official. After SD1’s price, they lost it.

  • Masharno Wolfe

    Time to buy the lottery!

  • Anonymous

    That’s probably the downright ugliest choice in wood they could’ve used…

  • Anonymous

    That’s a clever way to move ten units.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sigma, your hear that phone ringing? It’s the 70’s and they want their camera. You know what, I take that back. I don’t even think Mike Brady would find this groovy.

  • Spider- Man

    first dead pixels, then eating SD cards and now termites!!! THE HORROR!!!

  • Igogosh

    How practical is it? I imagine sweaty palms of a professional desperately trying to grab on to this slippery surface. (no pro in their right mind would buy such a thing). 
     Collectors’ market unit only.

  • Xa

    it’s just a curl of the burl

  • DrawingDead

    That is hideous!

  • bigsur

    I want a woody!

  • Jh


  • Pol

    I would fire someone from the NPD Management …