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Sigma Rewards SD1 Customers Who Purchased Before Massive Price Drop


Sigma made a bold move with its SD1 DSLR camera last month, slashing $6,400 off the camera’s list price to drop it from $9,700 to $3,300. The “street” price — how much the camera is actually priced in stores — fell from $6,900 to $2,300. If you thought customers who had purchased at the high price had been betrayed, think again: Sigma is rewarding those customers handsomely for their loyalty. Early adopters will receive 40 reward points through the “SD1 Point Support Program” that can be redeemed for ¥400,000 in Sigma gear — that’s $4,800 in new gear for a $4,600 price drop! This only applies to customers who purchased the SD1 at full price before February 23rd, and you’ll need to contact Sigma directly to claim your rewards.

(via Sigma via DPreview via PopPhoto)