Photographer Reflects on Capturing a Drowning During the Dalian Oil Spill

Shooting the Dalian Oil Spill on assignment for Greenpeace, Chinese photographer Lu Guang witnessed and photographed 25-year-old firefighter Zhang Liang’s accidental drowning while attempting to unblock a water pipe in the harbor. His gut-wrenching series of photographs went on to win third prize in the 2011 World Press Photo contest for Spot News. In the video above, he reflects on that day and his role as a photographer in showing the world what happened.

(via Wired)

  • Eric Lauri Kulo

    He may not be one of the biggest photographers in the world. But this is how a great photographer speaks and thinks. His philosophies are admirable and inspiring to me.

  • Matthew Choi

    that reminds me of how cheap life is valued in china

  • SwedishKiwi

    Why? Because no-one tried to rescue him? Because no-one cared about the pictures? Because there wasn’t a big funeral? Because no-one cried at the funeral?

    Just wondering.

  • SnOOpy168

    sad to hear of the loss, but then if they as fire fighter had stepped back to think a bit before heading in. WHERE ARE THE SAFETY equipments ? In the video, the narrator said, “If there is just the rope, he would have been saved” Not very high tech stuff really. But then, why did they go in without any safety support ? The sacrifice is really not worth it.

  • John Kenealy

    Well said. Comments like his remind me how people feel comfortable commenting on things they know nothing about.