Woman Saves Young Boy From Drowning During Her Engagement Photo Shoot

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During a recent engagement shoot at Wissahickon Creek in Pennsylvania, photographer Ken Beerger had the genre of his images unexpectedly change from love and romance to danger and documentary. In the end, Beerger captured some intense photographs, a young boy’s life was saved, and one of his subjects is now being called a hero.

It was on the afternoon of Saturday, June 29th, 2013. Beerger was photographing bride-to-be Becki Salmon and her fiancé Matt Werner near trees and running water. Meanwhile, a 5-year-old boy was playing on the bank of the creek in the background (he can be seen in the image above).

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Near the end of the 3-hour shoot, the peaceful environment suddenly changed when the young boy ventured too far into the creek, lost his footing, and began to drown. A friend of the couple noticed ripples and a head bobbing in the water where the boy had been playing.

Without any hesitation, Salmon, a trained lifeguard and paramedic, ran to the area and jumped into the water to save the boy (the mother jumped in shortly afterward as well).

When he saw that everything was under control, Beerger decided to keep his eye on his viewfinder and continue making photographs (he tells the NY Daily News that he would have jumped in as well if needed).

Here is the sequence of photos that resulted:

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Those who were present say that the murkiness of the water could have made impossible to locate the boy if he had disappeared completely under the surface.

We’re guessing this isn’t an engagement shoot the Werners will soon forget.

Image credits: Photographs by Ken Beerger and used with permission