How to Build Your Own LCD Viewfinder

If you use the LCD on your DSLR for shooting images or video, you probably know how much of a pain it is when sunlight shines directly on it, preventing you from seeing whether the scene is in focus. LCD viewfinders solve that problem, but can have devastating effects on your wallet. If you’re just a hobbyist that wants a simple LCD viewfinder for cheap, this video tutorial will teach you how to make one with items you probably have lying around the house worth $5.

You can also follow the tutorial in a step-by-step format here.

  • starflight

    entertainment while learning, its fun discovery, how come you aren’t in charge of education in this country????

  • ranger9

    I think it’s stretching it to call this an “LCD viewfinder.” LCD hood or LCD magnifier, okay.

  • ranger9

    I think it’s stretching it to call this an “LCD viewfinder.” LCD hood or LCD magnifier, okay.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    The irony here is that he’s not outside but he still managed to mess up his focus, which is clearly on the tools in the background.

  • Damien

    At the end of the video, he mentioned eyepieces. I bought a soft plastic/rubber eyepiece (just the eyepiece part, not the whole viewer) from eBay for only a few dollars.
    The main difference from the one he makes is it’s curved to fit the shape of your face. The one he builds is good for your left eye or right eye.

  • Atlanta Homes

    Ha ha, pretty funny. And man, won’t you look like a PRO with that attachment going on..

  • Anonymous

    How so? It’s the same basic components as most LCD viewfinders. He’s missing a diopter as he’s cutting the plastic to adjust focal length (Means he’ll never accidentally knock it out of focus in the kit bag)
    Admittedly the optics in a $2 magnifier aren’t going to be great but hey if does a reasonable facsimile of what you’d paying $300 for and you don’t have the $300 to hand, I’d swallow my pride, get black bands instead and shoot away. Only gear heads turn their noses up at functionality. The rest of the world uses Gaffer.

  • Endrewsmith

    I couldn’t find a suitable size magnifying glass; all of them are extremely big, like coffee-tin-opening big. I ended up getting toy binocular from “a buck store”. It’s perfect for baby powder container. Other than that, it works great. Thanks man.