State of the Blog: A Look Back at 2010

Welcome to PetaPixel in 2011! The past year went by extremely quickly, and quite a bit has happened on this blog since our last “state of the blog” address post. In this post we’re going to share some statistics about this blog for those of you who are curious or interested in this kinda thing.


Over the last year, 1,240 posts were published on this blog, up from 295 last year. 14,992 comments have been left on these entries (up from 2,893) for an average of 12.1 comments/post (up from 9.8).

Traffic-wise, we received 9,286,447 page views (up from 620,077) from 4,649,342 unique visitors (up from 362,965). We now have 9,677 RSS subscribers (up from 2,635). Here’s a chart of our subscriber count since the beginning:

We also did 16 giveaways (up from 12) in which we gave away gear and software worth a total of $4,942 (up from $4,041). These giveaways received a total of 9,312 entries (up from 3,348).


On Twitter, we currently have 79,425 followers (up from 31,312), and appear on 10,175 lists (up from 3,407). We’ve published 4,715 tweets (up from 1,777) since creating our account, and our Best of Photography list has 3,309 followers (up from 1,559).

On WeFollow, PetaPixel is listed as the #2 most influential for photography, #4 most influential for photographer, and #7 most influential for blogs.


On Flickr, our profile has 1,186 contacts, and our group has 3,137 members. 30,116 photos (up from 5,739) have been post to our group pool.

Our official Facebook page now has 6,893 likes (up from 760 fans).

We also launched a new online store through which we sold a photographers’ rights gray card set and a skin to make your iPhone look like a Leica camera.

What’s Next?

I finished grad school this year back in May, and PetaPixel is now my full time job. Jessica is now working on a journalism degree at UC Berkeley, so you might not see her post very frequently here on PetaPixel in 2011. There are some new and exciting things in store for this blog in 2011, so please stay tuned for that.

Thanks so much to everyone who visited, subscribed to, retweeted, and commented on PetaPixel in 2010! We hope you join us in 2011 for more awesome photography-related programming.

Image credit: Happy New Year by Doxieone

  • ezra marcos

    Thanks brother…enjoy your tweets!

  • Kbledsoephoto

    I hope you add more things to the store in 2011! :D

  • Michael

    Great stuff :) Heres to more of the same in 2011!

  • Amryl65

    Cool achievements. Let’s make 2011 a better ones..

  • Tom

    Not surprised by these figures. You post good, relevant stuff. I personally click on just about every Tweet link that you post. Keep up the great workvand all the best from Switzerland.

  • Erre Tres

    Just to let you know that I don’t follow you on Twitter, nor am I subscribed to the blog’s RSS, what I did instead is subscribing to your Tiwtter’s feed so I don’t miss something ;)

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