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State of the Blog: A Look Back at 2009


Welcome to 2010! I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already since we started this blog back in May of 2009. Thanks to all you awesome readers and tweeters who have subscribed to this blog and followed our Twitter account this past year.

In this post, we’re going to share some statistics on the growth of this blog in the past 8 months, in order to give you all a better idea of where we are.


This is the core of what PetaPixel is. Since launching this blog on May 14, 2009, we’ve written 295 posts across 19 topics. These posts have received 2,893 comments, for an average of 9.8 comments/post.

In terms of traffic, we’ve received 620,077 page views from 362,965 unique visitors since launching. We currently have 2,635 RSS subscribers. Here’s a chart of our subscriber count since the beginning:

The 25 polls we’ve posted so far have received exactly 10,000 votes, and have sparked some pretty interesting conversations.

We’ve also done 12 giveaways where we gave away gear and software worth a total of $4,041. These giveaways received a total of 3,348 entries.


PetaPixel is also very active on Twitter. We currently have 31,312 followers, and appear on 3,407 lists. We’ve made 1,777 tweets since creating our account, and our Best of Photography list has 1,559 followers. According to Listorious, this list is the #13 most popular list on Twitter.

On WeFollow, PetaPixel is listed as the #6 most influential and #14 most followed for photography, and #8 most influential and #15 most followed for photographer.


On Flickr, our profile has 868 contacts, and our group has 1,348 members. 5,739 photos have been post to our group pool.

We also have 724 subscribers through FriendFeed, who have left a total of 369 comments.

Our Facebook profile currently has 300 friends, and our official page has 760 fans.

In addition to Twitter, we also regularly bookmark helpful and interesting photography-related links to our Delicious account. Two new links are displayed every weekday on the side column of our blog. So far we’ve added 397 awesome links to this account.

What’s Next?

So far, PetaPixel has been a part-time, two-person operation. Jessica is applying to grad schools, and I have one semester left before I earn a MS in CS. I’m hoping to write for PetaPixel full time after I graduate in May, so if this is something you’d like to support, please continue spreading the word about this blog!

Thanks so much to everyone who has visited, subscribed to, retweeted, and commented on PetaPixel in the past 8 months! I’m definitely looking forward to 2010, and hope to see you around as we continue to share photography-related awesomeness!

Image credit: 2009 becomes 2010: Happy New Year! by Optical illusion