Introducing the Photographers Rights Gray Card Set

We here at PetaPixel are pleased to announce the new Photographers Rights Gray Card Set, a nifty accessory that can help you remember your rights and educate others if you’re ever confronted while shooting.

The set includes three durable white balance cards connected to a lanyard with a detachable clip. 10 guidelines for photography are printed onto the back of the gray and white cards:

The front sides are blank, allowing them to be used like any other white balancing cards:

If you’d like to carry along the same rules printed on our gray cards without purchasing the cards themselves, feel free to print them out!

The cards are designed to be worn around the neck when out shooting for quick access whenever you need them for either white balancing or legal guidelines.

The Photographers Rights Gray Card Set is only available to US-residents (for now). It’s priced at $15 with free shipping in our brand spankin’ new store. Get ’em while they’re hot!

To kick things off, we’re giving away three (3) Gray Card Sets. All you have to do is either leave a comment, or tweet this link: We’ll randomly pick the winners on Friday, August 27. US residents only, sorry.

Update: The cards are now available to residents of Canada and the UK as well!

Update: These cards are no longer available on PetaPixel, but they’re still for sale on eBay.