Review: Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag is Both Sexy and Smart

The Everyday Messenger bag is Peak Design’s latest product to make a debut on Kickstarter, and it has blown past its $100,000 goal and raised over $2.2 million so far. Designed with the help of photographer Trey Ratcliff, the bag aims to fulfill the “workflows of photographers, creative, travelers, and commuters." We got our hands on the world's first pre-production sample bag, and today we'll be taking a closer look at it.

MESSENGER Slammed Into Mercury with Over 1,000 Photos Onboard

NASA's MESSENGER mission came to an end yesterday after the space probe slammed into Mercury's surface at about 8,750 mph. The photo above is the last photo that was sent back to scientists on Earth before impact.

Here's an interesting fact: thousands of photos were still on the MESSENGER when it was destroyed -- images that we will never get a chance to lay eyes on.

Amazing Time-Lapse of Earth Captured by Spacecraft Leaving Our Planet

In August of 2005, one year after being launched into space, the NASA spacecraft MESSENGER performed a gravity assist swing-by of our little blue planet. As it drifted away from Earth on its way to Mercury, MESSENGER proceeded to capture hundreds of stunning photos, many of which have been compiled into this amazing time-lapse view of Earth.