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Edelkrone Unveils Incredibly Versatile SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit


Camera gear manufacturer Edelkrone just dropped their newest creation, and it’s impressive. Called the SliderPLUS X & Motion Kit, the slider and motion head combo is being touted as the “world’s smartest and most portable 4-Axis motion control system.”

What sets the SliderPLUS X & Motion Kit apart is sheer versatility. 4 axes of control—slide, pan, tilt and focus—and a whole lot more are all accessible from your smartphone and (eventually) an Apple Watch app.

You can lock your lens and focus onto a subject for a slide, program complex movements by manually moving the rig and “recording” the motion, create looping motion sequences… the app will even automatically convert the programmed movement into a time-lapse or stop-motion animation with a single tap.

The introduction video below gives a good overview of these features, and more:

Some features—the Apple Watch app, an “advanced composer” that lets you block out detailed step-by-step shots, a Live Mode that lets you control your camera as you shoot for live recordings, and the ability to save and load different lenses into the system so it remembers focus calibration—are still in the works. Still, out of the box, this slider/motion control combo will do more than a lot of bigger, bulkier setups you could invest in.

And speaking of investing…

The SliderPLUS X & Motion Kit doesn’t come cheap—both of them together will run you $3,700 ($1,000 for the slider, and $2,700 for the Motion Kit). That’s no chump change, but if it seems like it might be worthwhile for you, check out this link for more information and a Buy Now button.