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Edelkrone PocketSkater2 is a Mini Camera Dolly You Can Fit In Your Pocket


pocketskaterpromo_01 stroke

Camera dollies can add beautiful and fluid movement to your videos, but they tend to be both bulky and difficult to travel with for extended periods. Edelkrone is here to try and fix that problem with the PocketSkater2, a product they are calling “the world’s most flexible fully featured camera skater that can fit in your pocket.” With an extensive collection of mini-dollies already available, what does the PocketSkater2 bring to the party?

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The new product from Edelkrone can instantly adjust the curvature of its path using the unit’s two front wheels. No matter if you are looking to move the camera parallel to a subject or draw circles around it, the PocketSkater2 will be able to adapt.


The PocketSkater2 features Edelkrone’s FlexTilt head, allowing videographers to easily adjust the camera’s angle, height, and rotation. The unit’s center of gravity can also be shifted to ensure that the unit remains stable. For smartphone videographers, there is also a “compact mode” that lets you mount your smartphone to the device.

When it’s time to run, the PocketStarter2 can be folded up and thrown in your pocket. The unit itself only weighs 1 pound and is crafted from “high-grade materials for ultimate precision.” The mini-dolly is currently retailing for $289. For more information on the PocketSkater 2, visit Edelkrone’s website by clicking here.