Edelkrone’s SurfaceONE is the ‘World’s Smartest 2-Axis Motion Control’ Kit

Edelkrone has just announced the SurfaceONE, a motion control system that can easily capture straight, curved and targeted, and panning shots with precise laser control. Edelkrone is calling it the “world’s smartest 2-axis motion control system.”

The SurfaceONE connects to your iOS or Android device to configure your target, select speed, curve, and shot type, and to set up time lapses. They have an Apple Watch app coming too.

Edelkrome have produced a nice video showing the capabilities of the device with their Flextilt Head 2 attached:

The unit weighs in at 5.46lb (2.07kg), and Edelkrone says the battery lasts 4 hours in active slide mode while at top speed, or up to 48 hours in time-lapse mode. It runs on a 1800 mAh standard Canon LP-E6 battery and connects to your phone over Bluetooth.

The SurfaceONE can be purchased now from Edelkrome’s website for $690, with worldwide shipping available.