CC or Bust: Adobe Officially Pulls the Plug on Creative Suite

You probably didn't know this, but at the beginning of this year, you could still purchase a brand new boxed copy of Adobe's four-year-old Creative Suite 6 by calling an Adobe call center. But as of January 9th, Adobe officially pulled the plug on CS6: now it's Creative Cloud or bust.

Hitler’s Reaction to Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Model

Adobe has made several announcements over the past few days. We've seen a new version of Photoshop, Creative Cloud bundles geared towards photographers, and even a go at hardware with the "Mighty" Pen and "Napoleon" Ruler. But of the unveilings, none was as controversial as the announcement that we would be saying goodbye to the Creative Suite line -- from now on, it's going to be Creative Cloud or nothing.

The History of Photoshop as Told by Its Founding Fathers

Back in 2010, Adobe put out a short documentary called "Startup Memories -- The Beginning of Photoshop" to celebrate the program's 20-year anniversary by recalling its past. Somehow, that documentary slipped through our fingers at the time, but seeing as we've already started a conversation on how Photoshop is "remixing the world," we thought it was an opportune time to share this blast from the past.

In the video, the founders of Photoshop -- John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman -- sit down around a table and talk about the series of coincidences and circumstances that led to the creation of the tool that has visually redefined our times.

Adobe to Stop Selling Boxed Copies of its Creative Suite Software, Inc. Photoshop

Adobe is pushing hard towards cloud services and digital distribution. Its Creative Cloud software subscription service appears to be on a tear, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers paying monthly fees for always-updated software that traditionally came in boxes that carry hefty price tags.

Earlier this year, Adobe acquired portfolio service Behance in order to make the Creative Cloud more social, and now the company is making another bold move as it heads more and more toward the cloud: it will soon stop selling boxed copies of its Creative Suite software altogether.