Profoto ProStudio Streamlines Workflows for Studio Photographers

A person wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans is modeling in front of a white background. Another person is operating a computer, reviewing photos of the model displayed on a monitor.

Profoto’s varied lighting solutions are designed primarily for professionals, especially studio photographers. Hence, the company also offers comprehensive business and workflow services for working pros, including its ProStudio software that promises to shorten the time from capture to output.

“In today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment, producing high-quality visual content fast is crucial. Until now, no company has offered a comprehensive connected soft-hardware solution that ensures full creative control while maximizing efficiency for visual content creation,” Profoto explains.

The software includes automated preset pushing, automatically pushing light settings and style-guide presets to specific studio bays. It also allows a centralized user to control multiple studio bays remotely, no matter how far a team is spread out. It ensures consistent looks and settings across different parts of one studio or even different studio locations. ProStudio also allows users to map and ingest assets produced, promising to streamline distribution from post-production and review to publishing.

A three-panel image showcasing ProStudio services. The first panel shows a person in a blue outfit, illustrating ProStudio for brands. The second panel displays a tablet with a clothing app, representing ProStudio for retailers. The third panel depicts a machine, symbolizing ProStudio for service providers.

“We aim to enable large studios to produce more and better content faster. This release underscores our commitment to providing dynamic brands and retailers with powerful e-commerce solutions that scale content creation efficiently,” says Tobias Lindb├Ąck, Vice President of Studio Solutions.

As Lindb├Ąck explains, ProStudio is designed for e-commerce operations. Consider a clothing company. The company has many different items to photograph for its website, and each image must be consistent in terms of lighting style and overall appearance. Having multiple studio bays shooting different items can streamline the process, so ProStudio ensures that each bay can be synchronized, even in various locations.

The platform also lets multiple team members work together on a project, including direct collaboration tools for capture, review, and publishing. There are also built-in tools for organizing product work orders, planning photoshoots, and tracking a project from ideation to completion. There are also tools for items, complete with barcodes, to ensure that everything stays organized.

A person in casual attire is blurred in the background while a hand in the foreground holds a barcode scanner in front of a computer screen displaying shipping information. The setting appears to be a studio with professional lighting equipment.

Unlike Profoto’s lights, which are designed for professional photographers, ProStudio is intended for use by brands and retailers, alongside photographers and photo editors.

Product photography is a big market, especially for professional commercial photographers. Profoto recently showed off its all-in-one product photo station, the Eclipse II, that is operated using an iPad. Those interested in learning more and seeing if ProStudio makes sense for their photography business or workflow can learn more on Profoto’s website.

Image credits: Profoto