Halide Update Turns iPhone 15 Pro’s New Action Button Into Camera Control

Halide 2.13

Lux has announced the latest version of its popular iPhone photography app, Halide. The latest version, Halide 2.13, promises numerous exciting new features including clever utilization of the new Action button featured on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Halide 2.13 features in-app Action button triggers to control multiple camera functions, including toggling between automatic and manual focus, cycling through lenses, switching between auto and manual exposure modes, swapping between 12-megapixel and 48-megapixel capture modes, enabling RAW image capture, and even capturing a photo. However, Lux recommends using the volume button to capture pictures instead because the Action button includes a slight delay.

Halide 2.13

This delay results from how Lux has developed the new Action button functionality. Although Lux’s Halide software update has been approved, Apple does not officially support the function. To use the Action button, photographers access Halide’s new menu that works alongside a custom-built Shortcut. The Shortcut must be active to work.

Halide 2.13 also includes new optimizations for other iPhone 15 Pro features, including the new 5x telephoto lens featured in the iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone. The app also leverages the reduced shutter lag promised by Apple’s latest flagship handheld devices.

The new software update is available to Halide users for free. The app includes a free one-week trial, after which users can subscribe for $12 per year or buy a perpetual license for $60.

Lux has also published its annual iPhone review alongside the new Halide release. In its iPhone 15 Pro Max camera review, Lux writes, “For the everyday user, iPhone 15 and 15 Pro probably offer one of the biggest camera upgrades in the history of the iPhone.” The comprehensive review is highly detailed and features many beautiful sample images.

The positive impressions echo PetaPixel’s thoughts on the new iPhone 15 Pro models, with Chris Niccolls writing, “From a strictly photographic standpoint, it’s the best Apple has to offer.”

Lux has been busy leveraging the latest in Apple hardware and software advancements. iOS 17 opens many new possibilities, and Lux has taken full advantage with Orion, a free app that turns the iPad into an HDMI display.

Halide is among the best mobile photography apps, and Lux’s other photo app, Spectre, uses AI to capture great long exposures on iPhone.

Image credits: Lux