Sony and Panasonic Both Tease New Cameras Coming September 12

CineAlta camera

Sony and Panasonic are teasing new cameras that are slated for official announcement next week. Panasonic’s appears to be a “G” series camera, while Sony is expected to announce a new CineAlta called the Burano.

As they are teasers, very little was shared about either system other than hints about their positions in their respective lines as well as announcement times.

Sony CineAlta ‘Burano’

The Burano appears to be an addition to Sony’s CineAlta line, what is now mainly known for its full-frame cinema cameras and currently includes the Venice and Venice 2 (available in both an 8.6K and 6K version). While full-frame is where Sony has focused its efforts lately, the CineAlta brand has been used since 1999. In that time, the company has included a range of cameras with a variety of sensor sizes.

For example, before the Venice camera was announced in 2017, Sony previously updated the CineAlta line with the F5 and F55 which launched in 2012. Those systems used a Super35 CMOS sensor and were capable of shooting at 4K and 2K and up to 60 and 240 frames per second, respectively.

The Venice boosted the sensor size to full-frame but capped frame rates at 60p in 5K and 30p in 6K. The newer Venice 2 cameras are capable of even higher resolutions and frame rates, as the 8.6K version can capture up to 30 frames per second at maximum resolution and up to 90 frames per second at 5.8K. The 6K version can match the 90 frames per second at maximum resolution but also can capture 4K at up to 110 frames per second.

As of 2023, only the Venice cameras are considered current in the CineAlta line and Sony appears poised to add another option next week, although what it will bring to the table remains unknown.

Sony will announce the CineAlta Burano on September 12 at 7 AM PDT.

Panasonic ‘G’ Camera

While scant little was shared about the Burano, even less was teased by Panasonic. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the company shared a short 15-second video that shows a few photos that were presumably captured by the new camera, the words “a new phase,” the letter “G,” a diagram of a lens mount, and an announcement date.

Lumix USA published the same teaser:

Of note, the diagram of the lens mount does not appear to be an L-mount, as the electronic connection pins shown are below the sensor; they are above the sensor on L-mount. That arrangement is consistent with Micro Four Thirds, however. The use of the word “phase” and the appearance of this mount might signal the addition of phase detection autofocus onto a Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera, which would be a first for the company. This is, of course, only speculation.

Panasonic’s teaser says it will officially announce the new camera on September 12 at 7 AM PDT.

September 12 now looks to be a very busy day, as Sony, Panasonic, and Apple all have events scheduled.