New York Store With Huge Lines is ‘Practically Giving Away’ Cameras

Photodom in Brooklyn
Photodom in Brooklyn. | Google Street View.

A viral TikTok video shows huge lines snaking out of a camera store in Brooklyn, New York because of a sale on film cameras.

Photographer Randiel (@snatraraps) posted the video filmed on July 29 when the Photodom store was having a yard sale of analog cameras with prices starting from just $5.

@snatraraps They were practically giving them away #camerashop #brooklyn #nyc #photography ♬ original sound – Randiel

The video, which has racked up almost one million views, shows a huge line for Photodom, and inside are lots of cameras laid out, some of which have faults, but are very reasonably priced.

Randiel explains that he visited Photodom because he wanted to purchase a point-and-shoot for an upcoming trip to Barcelona.

“[It’s] a real low-key camera shop, I had no idea it was there,” says Randiel. “They had hundreds of cameras in there, they were divided into broken ones and new ones.”

Randiel explains that Photodom doesn’t just sell used cameras, on the third floor it has brand new cameras.

“We decided on the Canon Sure Shot Supreme, it captures color really well and has a really good flash,” he adds.

Many people commented on the huge lines outside Photodom and Randiel explains that he would wait in line for a $10 camera.

“And I know you see the word broken but they use it loosely. A lot of these cameras would take great pictures but the flash wouldn’t work,” he explains.

“So I wouldn’t say that they’re fully functional but for that price, I would build on it, invest in it, and have a better camera.”

The TikTok video, and the popularity of Photodom’s sale, prove that analog photography’s comeback remains on course with the trendy residents of Brooklyn enthused by the opportunity to snap up a bargain.

The recent success of the Oppenheimer movie by Christoper Nolan that saw fans flocking to see screenings of it in 70mm IMAX film shows there is still an appreciation for the medium that many consider to be better quality than digital.

Photodom itself is a Black-owned analog photo store founded by photographer Dominick Lewis. According to Field Mag, the store offers film processing and developing as well as selling clothing, cameras, and gear rental.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.