Midjourney’s ‘Insane’ Response to User’s Joke About Access to v6

Midjourney moderator

An AI image creator received a “pretty insane” and “extremely disappointing” message from Midjourney in response to a joke he made about having access to v6.

Nick St. Pierre, who regularly updates his Twitter followers with incredible artificial intelligence (AI) image creations, received an alarming message from a Midjourney moderator over an innocuous and obvious joke he made about having access to v6. Currently, Midjourney is on release v5.1.

“Hi Nick! I am a Midjourney employee and recently it was brought to m attention from the moderators on our discord that you have been not only spreading disinformation on Twitter about MJ, but falsely claiming you have access to MJ v6,” reads the bizarre message.

“This is really really not cool at all, in fact I am pretty unhappy with you for this! You are intentionally lying for clout and for more followers, and pretending to be an insider when you are very obviously not.”

The message was in response to a comment that St. Pierre left underneath his own photo, a real photo, where he says: “Got early access to v6, it’s pretty good right?”

“I debated back and forth on what action to take and I would you to know that I am deciding to let you off easy, but only if you delete all of your tweets with false info and especially the ones claiming you have access to v6,” the moderator’s message continues.

“And then, don’t do it ever again. Or we will permanently ban you from Midjourney and block your card/details so you can’t make any new accounts again. You make great work and it would really be a shame to lose you as a member so I hope you can understand the seriousness of this request. Thanks and have a great rest of your week.”

Midjourney’s response prompted other Twitter users to mock the platform for its overzealous response. Another AI influencer Nathan Lands joked that he has access to v7.


St. Pierre shared a screenshot of the moderator’s message to his Twitter page and expressed his dismay over the strange customer service.

“This is a pretty insane (and extremely disappointing) message to receive for posting a sarcastic response to a tweet of an actual photo someone took of me,” St. Pierre says.

“In case it wasn’t clear, the v6 comment was a joke. And I’m not sure what false info tweets they’re talking about?”

St. Pierre received a swift response from Midjourney’s founder David Holz who agreed that the message was unbecoming.

“This was obviously inappropriate (on multiple levels). We’ve changed the moderator rules so that it won’t be possible for anyone to send a message like this to community members in the future,” says Holz. “I’m sorry this happened.”

It remains unclear who wrote the message but some have pinned it on a Discord moderator who can be employees but they can also be volunteers.

A Law Unto Itself

It’s not the first time that Midjourney’s working practices have been called into question, David Holz admitted to using a “hundred million” images without consent to train his AI image generator in an interview with Forbes last year.

The platform also banned imagery of Chinese President Xi Jinping — the only world leader whose likeness is banned.