Picsart and Getty Join Forces to Create ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Tool

An elderly person with white hair is wearing oversized, bright yellow sunglasses and a colorful jacket. They are outdoors, with part of a beach ball visible in the background, suggesting a playful or beach setting.

Picsart and Getty Images have teamed up to make a new AI image generator for Picsart’s paying subscribers to make “commercially safe” artificial intelligence images.

Picsart is offering indemnity to users of its new tool that is being built from scratch by its AI labs exclusively using Getty’s vast image library.

The tool is aimed at businesses that are turning to AI for marketing material and corporate content. The model will be released at some point later this year and will be accessible through Picsart’s API services.

“Today’s marketers need to produce content around the clock, and they don’t want to leave Picsart to do it. Having everything you need in one place allows everyone from individual designers to small business owners to meet the constant creation demands of modern business,” says Hovhannes Avoyan, Picsart’s CEO and Founder.

“This partnership with Getty Images, the most prestigious commercial library, will enable us to offer commercially usable AI-generated imagery directly within Picsart.”

Meanwhile, Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, adds, “This partnership connects Getty Images’ vast creative library with the next generation of marketers and creators, empowering them with high-quality content for use directly within the Picsart platform. It allows creators to bring their visions to life while maintaining the highest standards of commercial safety.”

Picsart says it has 150 million active creators and the new AI image generators are very much focused on creating “commercially safe and responsible generative models.” Users of the platform can take what they created with AI and use the 3,000-plus editing tools available on Picsart to perfect the images for social media ads, website graphics, and other content.

Picsart Generative AI

Picsart is no stranger to generative AI with PetaPixel reporting last summer that two million images were being generated daily via its original AI image generator which was based on the open-source Stable Diffusion.

In April, Picsart launched “Smart Background,” a new tool that automatically creates an AI-generated environment based on the subject which was its first tool focused specifically on product photography.

Getty, meanwhile, also has its own AI image generator called “Generative AI by Getty Images” and has partnerships with Bria AI and Runway.