Fujifilm Updates its Lens Roadmap to Include Three New Primes

Fujifilm has updated its lens roadmap to include three new lenses — a large-diameter mid-telephoto prime lens, a standard macro lens, and an ultra-wide-angle prime lens — bringing brings the company’s total count of produced and planned optics to 42.

Fujifilm says it has been expanding its lineup of XF lenses to “broaden the appeal of premium image quality and advanced mobility made possible by the X Mount system.”

Three lenses have been added one in the ultra-wide category, one in the wide category, and a third in the medium telephoto category. All three are designed to offer outstanding image quality and image-resolving power in a broad range of photography situations, Fujifilm says.

XF 56mm /1.2 Lens

The first new lens is described as a fast, medium telephoto prime lens that joins a “new generation” of large-aperture prime lenses in the XF lens lineup.

XF 30mm f/2.8 R Macro Lens

The second optic will be a standard macro lens that Fuijifilm says will be compact and lightweight in order to make it a “perfect walkaround lens.” It will cover a wide range of photography situations like travel snapshots, landscape, and portraiture, and will be able to even do well in food and accessory work.

XF 8mm f/3.5 Lens

The last new lens will be an ultra-wide-angle prime lens that Fujifilm says will be the widest X Mount prime in the XF series of optics. The company adds that despite the ultra-wide-angle focal length, the lens will compact and lightweight.

Below is the new Fujifilm Lens roadmap as of May 2022.

Fujifilm lens roadmap spring 2022

“We listened to consumers’ thoughts, wants, and needs, and responded with a comprehensive set of new lenses that will enhance any Fujifilm photographer’s kit,” Victor Ha, vice president, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices Divisions, Fujifilm North America Corporation, says.

“With our versatile lineup now including 42 lenses, including the three that were just added to the development roadmap, Fujifilm continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping our community find new creative moments through lenses that allow the creator to see things differently.”

Pricing and Availability

The XF 30mm f/2.8 R Macro and XF 56mm f/1.2 are expected to be available in late 2022. The XF 8mm f/3.5 is expected to be available in early 2023. No pricing for any of the three lenses was shared at the time of publication.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.