No Reader Necessary: The X-Driver CFexpress Card Has Built-In USB-C

The X-Driver is a CFexpress Type-B memory card that has an integrated USB-C plug that lets it work right out of the camera with any modern computer, no reader necessary.

Uniport Solutions, the company behind the hybrid card, says that the X-Driver is the result of three years of design work to reimagine CFexpress card media from the ground up. The company’s founder Thuan Nguyen calls it the world’s first “USB-CFexpress” card.

Unlike all other memory cards on the market, the X-Driver doesn’t require its user to have a card reader in order for photographers to pull data off the card and onto a computer. Instead, it incorporates a USB-C plug, and photographers can simply remove the card from their camera and plug it directly into their computer.

Uniport Solutions

The X-Driver doesn’t have any differences in its physical dimensions versus a standard CFexpress card despite the added functionality.

“X-Driver is a memory card that has both USB-C and CFexpress type B standards. It’s an all-new category in memory cards that offers seamless integration. The X-Driver is designed to smoothly integrate into your existing arsenal of camera gear by replacing your current CFexpress and getting rid of your CFexpress to USB-C converter,” the campaign claims.

Uniport Solutions claims that the X-Driver has been optimized for maximum device capability and can transfer photo and data files at up to 1,700 MB/s. The X-Driver doesn’t require any special drivers to operate and is plug-and-play with computers, tablets, and phones. In short, the company claims that any device that takes USB-C or CFexpress is compatible with the X-Driver.

To back up its claims, Uniport Solutions shows the X-Driver working with a host of devices.

The company says the card is rugged and made with a combination of plastic and stainless steel, similar to other CFexpress Type-B memory cards on the market. As such, it is rated to withstand higher temperatures, dust, and repetitive use. Uniport Solutions claims that the product will be manufactured in the United States to make certain the schedule for delivery is met at the highest possible quality.

The X-Driver is currently seeking backing of $20,000 on IndieGoGo. If backing is successful, the X-Driver will be produced in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities and will ship out in November. The 128GB version will eventually retail for $180 but is available for as low as $162 during the campaign. The 256Gb model is similarly discounted at $250 or 20% off the $300 eventual final price, and the 512GB model is available for $384, a discount off the eventual planned $480 price.

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