Pgytech CFexpress CreateMate Case Protects and Reads Memory Cards

A beauty product shot of the CFexpress memory card case against a black background.

Building upon its original CreateMate Memory Card Case, which combines memory card protection, organization, and file transferring, Pgytech has released a new version that supports CFexpress memory cards.

The CFexpress CreateMate Card Reader Case comes in CFexpress Type A and Type B variants, and like its SD-exclusive sibling, also supports SD memory cards.

To support the faster CFexpress cards it now accepts, Pgytech has moved its CreateMate Card Reader Case from USB 3.1 to USB 3.2, enabling transfer speeds up to 1,000 MB/s when using the built-in CFexpress card slot. SD cards are slower, naturally, and these transfers are still limited to a maximum of 312 MB/s due to the nature of SD card technology.

Pgytech CFexpress card reader case next to a laptop computer and a camera

The card reader case cannot read from both card slots simultaneously. If a user has filled each slot, the reader prioritizes the CFexpress card. After completing the CFexpress card transfer, the reader will swap to the SD slot without the user needing to remove a card.

Close-up product shot of the moss green CFexpress CreateMate case

Same Design, Different Number of Cards

No matter which version a customer needs, CFexpress Type A or B, the design is identical, save for the different-sized card slot. Given that CFexpress Type B cards are larger, that version holds one fewer total memory cards than the Type A model. The Type A model holds three CFexpress Type A cards, three SD cards, four microSD cards, a pair of Nano SIM cards, and a card eject pin. The Type B model, on the other hand, holds two CFexpress Type B cards.

A diagram showing the carrying capacity of the CFexpress Type A and CFexpress Type B cases.

Robust Design With IP54 Rating

Offering two-in-one data transfer and card protection functionality, the CreateMate must be robust, and it is all of that and then some. It has built-in weather sealing, which delivers IP54 protection. Its core is an aluminum alloy shell that is lightweight but strong, and it is wrapped in a thick silicone case that protects it from shocks and drops. It has a built-in clip lets photographers quickly attach it to their bag.

A photo showing the eject pin being used to adjust a tripod plate on a camera
The card eject pin can also double as a tool to attach (or detach) tripod plates.


After playing around with one for a bit, my favorite feature is the hidden USB-C cable that wraps around the interior design, ensuring it can be tucked away. It’s nice to be able to transfer files in the field without worrying about keeping track of a cable.

The CFexpress CreateMate card reader case being connected to a tablet computer.

Likewise, storing any extra memory cards in a strong protective case is convenient. Including the hardware required to read cards and transfer data makes the case larger than a standalone memory card case, but for many, it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

It’s also not the fastest card reader on the market, as it doesn’t incorporate USB4 technology, but you can dump a 128GB or 256GB CFexpress card in a handful of minutes, which is swift enough.

Four images showing different use cases for the CFexpress CreateMate card.

Pricing and Availability

The Pgytech CFexpress CreateMate Card Reader Case in Type A/SD and Type B/SD versions is $100. It comes in “classic black” and “moss green” colorways and is available to order now.

Image credits: Pgytech