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Samsung Galaxy S9 Teardown Shows the Variable Aperture Lens in Action


JerryRigEverything just published this 7-minute teardown video of the Samsung Galaxy S9, and one of the interesting things it reveals is the mechanical workings of the DxOMark-leading camera, which is the first smartphone camera to feature a variable aperture.

After opening up the phone and examining the camera module, JerryRigEverything finds a lever that allows the blades to be physically opened and closed, toggling the lens between apertures of f/2.4 and f/1.5.

“Magnets make the world go round, and the same is true here with the OIS and aperture switch inside this camera unit,” JerryRigEverything says. “If you break anything on your Galaxy S9, this video shows the process of me repairing and replacing all the major components.”

(via JerryRigEverything via DPReview)