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Photographer Avoids Police Chase Car Crash by the Skin of His Teeth


A photographer trying to capture a “money shot” of a high-speed police chase recently got more than he bargained for when the fleeing suspect violently crashed his car and sent it hurtling straight at the photographer. The car missed the man by inches, and it was all caught on camera.

CBS News reports that freelance photographer Victor Park of Loudlabs News had positioned himself at street corner in Los Angeles at around 11 p.m. on February 27th when the incident occurred.

As the suspect approached the intersection Park had his camera pointed at, the car struck another vehicle parked at the stoplight and sent the speeding SUV spinning out of control toward Park. Park, a marathon runner, ran out of the path of the oncoming vehicle, which skidded past right behind him.

“When I saw him crash through the viewfinder of my camera – that loud bang of the crash – that’s when I figured I had to run,” Park tells ABC7.

(via ABC7 via Fstoppers)