One Photographer’s Switch from Canon DSLR to Fuji Mirrorless

Photographer Mark Duffy recently switched from Canon to Fuji, trading in the former to pick up the latter, and in this 14-minute video he shares his thoughts and impressions. For those of you who may be looking to hear insights into what the first experience with a mirrorless setup is really like, coming from the world of DSLRs, then this is a video for you.

Duffy opted for a Fujifilm X-T2 and and X-T20. He originally had a Canon 6D but opted to move over to Fuji having spent some time with the cameras for a YouTube video review.

“I haven’t even changed many of the custom function buttons because there’s [just] no need to,” says Duffy.

In particular, Duffy loves the focus peaking function. It allows you to see what parts of your shot are in proper focus, aiding those who are using manual focus in particular.

“Fuji are looking after there customers. These [cameras] are designed for photographers, by photographers,” says Duffy. “I’m delighted I made the switch.”

Duffy is impressed with the new technologies that are being baked into mirrorless cameras nowadays, and he’s especially impressed that Fujifilm has a habit of upgrading its existing cameras with major features (such as 4K video) through ‘Kaizen’ firmware updates. While the market share for mirrorless is still small, the future may hold promise and growth for the segment.

(via Mark Duffy via Fstoppers)