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‘My Wife Won’t Let Me Photograph Women’


When photographer Manny Ortiz first took up portrait photography, his wife Diana wasn’t happy about him photographing women — he soon learned that this was a common issue among other photographers online. In this 7-minute video, the pair discusses how they overcame their issues and grew stronger as a couple.

The jealousy first began in the other direction early in the relationship, when Ortiz didn’t want Diana (who did modeling on the side while going to school) to continue modeling for other photographers. There was soon a mutual jealousy that caused problems in their relationship.

“The thing that I did that really helped was being 100% transparent,” said Ortiz. “Invite [your partner] to the shoots to help you.”

With portrait photographers generally choosing the most attractive models they can find for their shoots, unwelcome jealousy can creep into a relationship. But Ortiz says he’s “worried about the technical part of the photo” and not how the model looks.

Inviting your partner to your shoot will help them to realize exactly what photography is about and that the model is looking good for the photo, not the photographer.

“With time, I learned to let go of the resentment,” said Diana. “It’s not my job to trust every woman. I trust [Manny].”

She continued, “I can’t tell you how important it is to be as patient as you possibly can with your significant other through this process.” Patience, understanding, and trust are clearly key to developing an understanding on both sides.

Eventually, both Ortiz and Diana sorted their issues. Diana enjoys her modeling career, while Ortiz photographs models as he pleases. This came from being open and sharing with each other, rather than keeping things hidden.