Adobe Reveals AI Upscaler That Can Improve Video Resolution By 8x

Split image showing two swans on a lake; the left side is blurry with one swan mostly obscured, and the right side is clear with a close-up of a swan swimming gracefully.
Imrpesive results from the super-resolution video upscaler.

Adobe has previewed a new generative AI upscaler called VideoGigaGAN that is capable of upscaling low-resolution and blurry videos up to eight times.

In a paper published by Adobe on April 18, VideoGigaGAN is revealed to be an impressive upscaler apparently achieving incredible results on terrible source imagery.

Adobe says that VideoGigaGAN is superior to other video super-resolution methods because it avoids strange AI artifacts and produces more fine-grained details. Built upon the large-scale upscaler GigaGAN, it improves the temporal consistency of unsampled videos by adding temporal modules and enhancing techniques.

The Verge notes that Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are great for upscaling still images but have not proven effective on video; producing unwanted flickering. There are other upscaling methods but they don’t produce as nice of a result as GANS.

Adobe showed off several examples where it used 124×124 video and upscaled it to 1024×1024 with the results definitely impressive and difficult to tell that AI has worked its magic.

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For now, VideoGigaGAN is just a research preview with no immediate plans to bring it to Premiere Pro or its Creative Cloud suite. It follows the news that Microsoft is also developing an AI super resolution for Windows 11 called Automatic Super Resolution.

Adobe and AI

This week, Adobe unveiled one of its most significant Photoshop updates ever built of the advancements made in the Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model. The third iteration of Firefly has just gone into beta and promises massive advancement to quality and control including higher-quality image generations, better understanding of prompts, and enhanced detail and variety.

The Firefly model powers into Photoshop’s Generative Fill, Generate Expand, and Generative Image.

“This massive new update to Photoshop takes creativity to unprecedented levels — whether you are a professional or brand new to Photoshop,” says Ashley Still, senior president of the Creative Product Group at Adobe. “Through new Firefly-powered features in Photoshop, we are bringing ideation and creation closer together and making images both more powerful and approachable so everyone can realize their creative vision.”