The Maxima Furiosa is a Super Powerful, Bi-Color, Portable LED

A person holding a camera with a large attached lens, aiming a bright light towards the left, in a studio with a warm, orange-hued backdrop.

Maxima, the Italy-based lighting manufacturer that last year announced the insanely bright 6 GaN LED, today announced the Furiosa, what it is calling the the most portable, high-power, bi-color LED fixture on the market.

The Furiosa, a bi-color COB LED fixture, promises to not only be able to offer a continuously adjustable color temperature from 2800K to 6800K, but it also can output brightness of 80,000 lumens at 97.1 CRI while also consuming only 800W of power and, perhaps most impressively, do so with the lowest noise levels in the industry. While actual decibal output was not published in the LED’s specifications, the company says it’s basically silent.

It should also be noted that this is Maxima’s first foray into a bi-color LED fixture. Also, while the company highly touted the aforementioned 6 GaN LED last year as super-bright with its 68,000 lumen output, the Furiosa goes even further beyond for just a small tradeoff in weight: the 6 GaN weighed sub four kilograms while the new Furiosa ups that to 6.7 kilograms.

The Maxima Furiosa is hot-swappable among Bowns, Profoti, and ARRI QLM mount systems (all three are included in the Flight Box the Furiosa ships with), too, making it adaptable to basically any professional set. On that same token, the new LED can be powered with both AC and DC power via the company’s Maxima Battery Box, standard wall plugs, and more.

Side view of a professional white cinema camera mounted on a rig with visible adjustment knobs and components, isolated on a gray background.

“Furiosa is not only the first Bi-Color fixture of ours but is consistent with our philosophy of efficiency maximization and sustainability: with a power consumption of just 800W and an impressive output of 80,000 lumens, Furiosa has set a new standard in efficiency for film production, allowing for extended battery operation, reduced consumption in the studio and a much smaller carbon footprint, exceeding any standard set for the environmentally responsible set.” Maxima says.

As was the case with the 6 GaN, control of the Furiosa is managed either on device or through Maxima’s mobile app (available for both iOS and Android), which connects via Bluetooth 4.2.

A high-resolution photo of a modern, professional-grade spotlight with a detailed design, featuring a black body, prominent lens, and orange accents, mounted on an adjustable black handle.

The Maxima Furiosa was designed and manufactured in Italy — as are all of Maxima’s products — and is available in either black or white starting today for 3,899 euros, or about $4,167 from Maxima’s website.

Image credits: Maxima