Color Photography Competition Celebrates All the World’s Hues

Three contrasting images: a kingfisher with a fish on a book, neon-lit boats on a river at night, and a silhouette of a person playing basketball under a full moon.

The winners of the reFocus Awards 2024 Color Photography Contest have been announced with over $4,000 in cash prizes being handed out.

Celebrating the color spectrum, the competition is split into Professional and Non-Professional with a multitude of categories covering people, nature, landscapes, analog, and more.

Professional Overall Winners

Self-portrait in the bathroom with a wide-angle lens. Winner of the Professional category. | Laura Zalenga
A young man lies on a mat inside a makeshift tent, his expression weary. a small cat sits closely nearby, amidst a cluttered setting with belongings and fabric draping the background.
A young Cambodian soldier takes a rest inside a tent during the Thai-Cambodian border dispute on July 26, 2011. He was tired of the dispute between the two countries over possession of the area around the World Heritage Site of Preah Vihear Temple. A kitten was by his side as if to comfort him. | Second place in the Professional category. | Satoshi Takahashi
A kingfisher perched on the edge of a tin can filled with water, holding a fish in its beak against a plain blue background.
Third place in the Professional category. | Kaat Stieber
Two vibrant orange birds perched on a stack of oranges and a juicer, with one bird seeming to pour juice into a glass, all against an orange backdrop.
In this series, the birds play a captivating role, reflecting human characteristics and exploring diverse themes. The overarching conclusion is that we are interdependent in fostering a better climate, both in the literal and figurative sense. Third place in the Professional category. | Kaat Stieber

Non-Professional Overall Winners

Four children engage in a mystical, theatrical scene in a dimly lit room with rustic decor, featuring masks and expressive gestures around a wooden table.
Winner of the Non-Professional category. | Asep Setiawan
A woman stands partially inside a small photo booth labeled "fotoautomatica" on a city street, with only her legs visible from the knee down.
Second place in the Non-Professional category. | Sara Camporesi
A silhouette of a person shooting a basketball at an outdoor hoop against a twilight sky, with a full moon perfectly aligned behind the hoop.
Third place in the Non-Professional category. | Adrian Limani

Entrants came from over 60 countries offering “unique and captivating perspectives” that celebrate the power of color photography.

The judges included regular PetaPixel contributor and Deputy Director of Photography at ABC News Gary Hershon as well as Aaron St. Clair, Director of Editorial Content at Shutterstock, Casey Hanrahan, Director of Gilman Contemporary, Sara Morosi, Photo Editor, Daniel Melamud, Editor at Rizzoli and many more.

Category Gold Winners – Professional

Close-up image of a wasp's head, showing detailed textures of its eyes, antennae, and yellow-black striped face covered in tiny water droplets.
Professional Gold Winner in the Nature category. | Tony North
A vibrant image of a red, stepped structure against a clear blue sky, creating a visually striking geometric pattern.
Professional Gold Winner in the Minimalism category. | Paul Jobin
A vibrant, fast-moving carousel swing ride at an amusement park, with people joyfully riding on suspended chairs under a bright blue sky.
Professional Gold Winner in the Analog category. | Thalita May
Two young monks in traditional attire play musical instruments in a room, with others seated in the background. the focus is on the monk in the foreground wearing a large red ceremonial hat.
Professional Gold Winner in the Portrait category. | Mario Marino

Category Gold Winners – Non-Professional

Aerial view of a colorful community garden with various sections including a basketball court, a playground, and diverse plant beds, all arranged in a decorative and organized pattern.
Non-professional Gold Winner in the Aerial category. | Sebastian Piórek
Two white and ginger cats sit by a pole, curiously observing two small birds on a patterned floor, against a blue background.
Non-professional Gold Winner in the Domestic Animals category. | Joyce Reisertson
A woman dressed in a traditional east asian hanbok and conical hat holds an intricate silver fan, looking contemplative against a dark background.
Non-professional Gold Winner in the Fashion and Beauty category. | Alex Tasrfin
A breathtaking view of a mountain range reflected in a tranquil lake at sunrise, with colorful clouds scattered across a vibrant sky.
Non-professional Gold Winner in the Landscapes category. | Judith Kuhn
Two ibexes stand on hind legs facing each other in a grassy mountainous area, seemingly engaged in a playful or confrontational interaction.
Non-professional Gold Winner in the Wildlife category. | Judith Kuhn

To see all of the winners head to the reFocus Awards website.