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This Guy Mounted a Giant Heat Sink on His Overheating Panasonic GF7


Some cameras are more prone to overheating than others, leading some photographers and videographers to come up with creative solutions for keeping their sensors cool. Industrial designer Eric Strebel came up with a solution that looks pretty unusual: he customized a computer heat sink so that it can be mounted to the back of a Panasonic GF7.

Strebel was tired of seeing his camera display an overheating warning and say that it needed time to cool down, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and use his skills for a do-it-yourself cooling solution.

He took an aluminum heat sink designed for computers and machined it to fit snugly against the back of his GF7, pressing against the area of the camera body that heats up during use. The heat sink draws heat away from the camera body, keeping the sensor and critical components cool.

A piece of piano wire is used to attach the heat sink firmly to the camera. This solution also means that the heat sink can be easily removed for situations in which overheating isn’t an issue.

The build process can be see in this 5-minute video:

Here are some more photos of the finished removable heat sink attached to the Panasonic GF7:

“It works great,” Strebel says.

(via Eric Strebel via Hackaday)