This Guy Mounted a Giant Heat Sink on His Overheating Panasonic GF7

Some cameras are more prone to overheating than others, leading some photographers and videographers to come up with creative solutions for keeping their sensors cool. Industrial designer Eric Strebel came up with a solution that looks pretty unusual: he customized a computer heat sink so that it can be mounted to the back of a Panasonic GF7.

Nikon Patent Solves Camera Overheating by Integrating Removable Heat Storage

As DSLRs become more and more capable video capture machines, the problem of overheating becomes a more pressing one. With RAW video in particular, where the amount of data being captured is staggering, the sensor needs to be protected if you expect to keep using the camera for any extended amount of time.

Cinema cameras, like Canon's 1D C, have attacked this issue in the past by arranging the internals in such a way as to provide better cooling. But a couple of new Nikon patents take a different approach.