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Digital Workflow: Beauty Photography From Start to Finish


Fashion and portrait photographer Jeff Rojas walks us through his beauty photography workflow in this 6-minute video, explaining what he does on set and why he does it.

Beauty photography is a symphony of many moving parts, in which the photographer acts as a director on set to bring a team together under a creative vision.

Rojas discusses how he uses the Phase One XF 100MP to capture extreme detail and resolution, giving him flexibility to use the same images for different mediums.

He also talks about how tethering allows him to back up his images, while also allowing instant large-screen previews that his team can easily make adjustments on the fly.

While not everyone can afford to buy a $50,000 medium format camera, Rojas recommends taking advantage of rental programs to get your hands on the right gear for your work.

(via Jeff Rojas via ISO 1200)